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Tuomas Malinen Oct 22
I agree mostly. The simple fact is that is an economic theory for the simple-minded. It's proponents draw our "complex" theories to explain how the government holds the 'keys' to the monetary system, and thus the "manna from heaven". 1/5
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Erik Townsend 🛢️ Oct 21
Stand by for joining me on tomorrow night's podcast to talk . Also extended postgame discussion about the feature interview and another signature chart deck.
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Erik Townsend 🛢️ Oct 22
My interview with discussing is live (player link below). Unlike tonight's Presidential Debate, Prof. Kelton and I don't interrupt one another--not even once! With no need to mute anyone's microphone... Please re-Tweet!
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I miss itzy😔 Oct 21
signed fansign album and for the polariod I pulled my ult bias, I’m currently so happy and I’m screaming with joy, I can not express how much I love yeji with all my heart 🥺 whoever pulled the other 9 yejis please let me see how they look like 🥺😭
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Patricia Oct 23
Teach your children MMT with the colouring book. 😉
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Austerity is Murder🌹 Oct 24
"This second part of Steve’s conversation with Warren Mosler was to be about the government response to the pandemic, but first Warren talks about disagreements with some in the community."
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Freddie Oct 21
Can the Left please learn and stop having pointless debates about where the money will come from to literally feed starving children? All you should care about is where the food comes from, and how to get it to them.
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Rajesh Bathija Oct 22
Replying to @makemytripcare
FYI in stark contrast to what you proclaim on Twitter
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Peter Donaldson Oct 17
Replying to @Aiannucci @AliCairns3
If they issue their own currencies, they don’t really borrow in them at all. They create all the money they spend. Here’s how it really works.
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Ramona Massachi Oct 24
basics: - Government creates money when it spends into the economy. - The ecological and human limits sets the terms of what is affordable. - We can afford everything and it’s not defined by what it collects in taxes.
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M1K3L ✌🏻💚 Oct 21
guy got jokes ✌🏻💚
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Stephanie Kelton Oct 18
The bench is deep with youth on board.
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Activist #MMT 🦉 (podcast), host: @citizensmediatv Oct 20
This is called strawmanning. 1. Make up a terrible fantasy about . 2. Beat up that fantasy. 3. Claim MMT in reality to be bad. 4. Enjoy as the ignorant, and those who paycheck requires ignorance, join in the fun.
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PJ Pierre Oct 22
Believing that is a "cheat code" belies a fundamental misunderstanding. Native Americans didn't let members of the tribe starve while buffalo carcasses rotted in a pile do to there lack of monetary instruments. Removing fiscal drag isn't some sort of free lunch.
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Sara Holland #MMT Oct 24
Make “The Deficit Myth” your go to Christmas gift and let’s get moving in the U.K.
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Ron T. Kim 2h
Important reminder to those who defend private capital and markets for creating “innovative growth”: K-pop is a government-backed and produced phenomenon. We all need to start getting familiar with Public debt ≠ Private debt
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Ashish Barua आशिष बरूआ #MMT 📈📊 Oct 23
One of the principles of is that a particular value of fiscal balance a DEFICIT/SURPLUS is a meaningless thing without a context! and he context is important rather than the actual figure. The idea of a particular value of fiscal balance emerged in the neoliberal era and it
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andylloyd Oct 23
Replying to @billy_blog
It's brilliant. Along with your blog and lots of YouTube learning it's completely changed how I view the world. I can't bear to listen to politicians and journalists trotting out the same old rubbish about how we can't afford to live in a decent society.
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Robin Brooks Oct 19
Are we doing doing ? Simple answer is "No." That's because the fiscal expansion & monetary financing we're doing are reactive and about damage control. Instead, wants a big proactive fiscal expansion for full employment or Green New Deal. That's not what's happening...
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Yessy9663 🇵🇷 Oct 23
ONEUS's 2nd Global Fan Call pcs from My Music Taste for sale: $7 Each, but $5 if you buy more than one.
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