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Michelle Dewberry Dec 5
Replying to @brexitparty_uk
To those who have stood down the whip, yet kept hold of their job/salary & other perks they received courtesy of I think shame on you. You know Tories won’t look after the people I’m talking about. Sad given I previously respected 3 out of the 4 very much.
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Lenny Etheridge ⭕ Sep 28
' expenses details to stay secret after court ruling. 🤔 I wonder why? Perhaps Terry Christian knows?
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So Ireland has gone from Famine coffin ships to refrigerated coffin lorries. How easily we forget? Look at our voting to NOT to pick up drowning refugees out of sea: 'Armagh lorry driver charged with manslaughter over deaths of 39 people in Essex'
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Replying to @Europarl_EN
The Friends of a (FoFI), an intergroup in the which enjoys the active support of many from various political groups,issued a statement in this regard calling to end the brutal crackdown on with 100skilled,1000s wounded & 1000s arrested
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phillip prince #GTTO Jul 2
British 'Brexit Company' MEP's turning backs on EU anthem today have managed 2 imitate what Nazis did in 1926 at the Reichstag. What a disgrace 2 our country. I'd respect them a bit more if they stayed at home & refused 2 accept their large salaries in protest!
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Pete Timmins 🇬🇧 🇫🇷 🇪🇺 Jul 24
: Guy savages ‘irresponsible’ Boris as vow to veto his plan to ditch Parliament's steering group says backstop is not up for renegotiation.
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Restore Hope Oct 10
party vote against plans to tackle Russian propaganda, surprise, surprise...
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Petras Austrevicius Dec 5
65 urge for unconditional release of the political prisoners held by .
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🕷️carol hedges Dec 5
Replying to @SebDance
And I give you: The NEW NAZIS! 'Gleichschaltung: Nazi process to establish a system of totalitarian control and coordination over all aspects of German society, including schools, universities, civil service, and THE MEDIA'.
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Olivier Hoedeman Nov 12
Tobacco industry lobbies are stepping up -washing attempts; shouldn't not buy into this Joining EU Transparency Register doesn't give tobacco industry right to influence The UN's FCTC treaty is clear: protect decision-making against tobacco industry interests
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Michel Barnier Jul 10
Fruitful exchange w/ new Sassoli today, with the common intention to pursue the close cooperation on . Role of remains central. With my team I remain available to Brexit Steering Group and all for dialogue & consultations in full transparency
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Paul Wicks. MA Jul 2
I’m and I’m ASHAMED of doing this; I’m so sorry these muppets DO NOT represent my views.
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Matt Belsom➡️ Oct 12
I'm so grateful for the work that , and the the other are doing to show how the undemocratic mechanisms of the EU really work. They have shed light on the that exists. Keep up the good work!
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Colombe Cahen-Salvador Jul 15
? No to behind-closed-door deals! : reject the proposal for the Presidency of the in the name of & in the ! We deserve better than this: let's live by our principles.
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A reminder that this was the backlash prior to a bot level astro-turf campaign, and before the far-right bubble dwellers entered the fray making death threats against . Make no mistake ⬇️
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Albert Yome 🔰🇬🇮🇬🇧🎗🏊‍♂️🏻🦇🦉🦈 Aug 13
This is a the sort of brutality we sat meted out by police and paramilitary units to peaceful demonstrators in occupied . Many of their elected leaders are still being held hostage in . 3 have not been able to take their places in the
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smartEn Smart Energy Europe Oct 22
Our delegation is in Strasbourg meeting 15 to highlight how industry can boost the , drive the and . A , digital system to allow end-users' participation in the energy transition is needed.
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Miriam O'Callaghan Oct 27
more concerned with appeasing their Far Right partners' obsession with "irregular migration" and parroting status-quo lines than saving lives. No person is irregular. This 2019. Not 1919. Or 1939.
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ECF Sep 10
Watch this space tomorrow between 6-8 PM CET for live coverage of our reception for newly elected MEPs and the Let's encourage to towards a future!
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Eve Geddie Oct 7
Human rights defenders across the globe face increasing crackdowns, attacks, restrictive laws, smear campaigns and surveillance. Today, as faces , here is 's call for a more visible, strategic, & coordinated EU action for rights defenders.
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