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Mateus Alves Jun 18
- The New PokeWaifu: Gym Leader Nessa! Really liked her design, she looks awesome ( and also water is my favorite type :D ) ------------ PLEASE LIKE AND RT// ME DÁ LIKE E RT POR FAVOOOOOR Thank you / Vlw
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Mateus Alves Jun 27
PEPPER HEAD, THE PUNK KNIGHT!!! - Was scrolling down Pinterest and had this idea of a crazy rocknroll warrior. - Ideia loka que eu tive quando tva no Pinterest. ___ PLEASE LIKE AND RT//ME DÁ LIKE E RT NAMORAL!!!
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Mateus Alves Jun 13
The most loved man of this year: KEANU REEVES! ---- PLEASE GIVE LIKE AND RT!!!/ Pfv me dá like e RT!!!
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