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Screens and Kids Jun 18
Why are schools allowed to purchase unsafe workstations, and force students to use them? Kids' eyes are more vulnerable to blue light.
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Marc Korman Jun 17
I'm on the Joint Committee on Federal Relations. Chairs and have us working on federal support for Metro, P3s, and a visit with our federal delegation between now and the 2020 legislative session.
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Marc Korman 8m
I am often asked about marijuana policy in MD. The Marijuana Legalization Workgroup is meeting for the 1st time today. Here is the line-up. And thanks to for being on hand to monitor as well.
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Red Maryland Jun 24
As the UK shows, socialized medicine brings us a totalitarian hellscape of eugenics, forced abortions, euthanasia, and violence against women
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Screens and Kids 5h
New: Media multitasking - precisely the way schools require kids to use devices - may contribute to childhood . Kids need protection from school devices.
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David Moon 19m
A group of lawmakers begins meeting today to recommend how to legalize in our state. More at
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Maryland Shall Issue 56m
Yesterday, MSI, Atlantic Guns, and the individual plaintiffs filed our opening brief to the US Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit from the district court’s dismissal in our challenge of the Handgun Qualification License. Read it here:
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Ryan Miner Jun 22
Worth pointing out that is vigorously opposing , who was credibly accused of molesting children and was banned from a mall, whereas his potential Republican opponent, , championed Moore’s candidacy two years ago.
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A Miner Detail 3h
BREAKING out of Montgomery County: Casey Anderson retains his chairmanship of the Planning Board; Partap Verma appointed to the second seat.
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Screens and Kids 11m
"A meta-analysis of 27 such studies (25,025 children) showed that myopia increased by 2% for every hour of near work per week." That means screen use. Emphasis must be on prevention, not a medication with unknown long-term side effects.
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Ryan Miner 3h
The Montgomery County Council in a stunning rebuke to County Executive reappoints Casey Anderson as Planning Board chair and rejects Elrich’s handpicked choice of Brandy Brooks, who was backed by Our Revolution, Montgomery.
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Marc Korman 4h
Time for some budget wonkery based on recent article on whether Governor Hogan will /1
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. accuse Gov of accepting $200K in illegal contributions
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Red Maryland 23h
That awkward moment when some unlearned socialist thinks they're dunking on somebody but unintentionally proves their own ignorance.......
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Red Maryland 2h
Governor Hogan gave a wide ranging interview this morning with Mike Bradley of talking about the budget impasse, taxes, Kirwin, vetoes, his support for the Second Amendment, and much more. Listen here:
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A Miner Detail 2h
. Council’s reappointment or Casey Anderson as Planning Board chair is a direct rebuke of , who is not a fan of Anderson. Moreover, Brandy Brooks, an ardent Elrich loyalist, was rejected for the second Planning Board seat.
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Laurie Halverson 17h
We Maryland Republicans are not so great in numbers YET but we are still a mighty force in Maryland.
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Conservative Maryland 15h
Replying to @malthusian_trap
Different styles of the same principle equally fail because the the principle is broken. The fact that you can't understand such a simple concept is exactly why people hate liberals.
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Justin Ready 16h
Mike Pence speaks to us at Red, White & Blue Dinner - great speech covering the progress made in job growth, national security, public safety and advancing American values. #2020
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Justin Ready 18h
Call before the big event at 29th Annual Red, White & Blue Dinner, with special guest Mike Pence. #2020
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