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Korey Peters Jul 30
Thursday morning trucking to Natural Proteins inc. I’m Blumenort. A little jealous of this set up right now....
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Jefferies Seeds Jul 29
Our new offering this year...Sorghum Sudan grass! Excellent choice for green feed and silage!
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Keystone Ag Producers Jul 31
The use of direct farm marketing is on the rise in Manitoba, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more in the latest edition of Manitoba Farmers' Voice. LINK:
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2016 TS6.140 T4B with loader, MFWD, partial power-shift transmission, PTO, 3-point hitch, HID lights & more!
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Dorian Olver Jul 30
And we’re off to the races!
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Jason labossiere Jul 31
A few beers walked away in yesterday’s heat,but it’s restocked and with a little creativity managed to cram an extra 15 pack in. Retweet and follow or for you chance to win. Draw is Friday Aug 7th !!
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Liv Aug 1
Sienna high by the 1st of August? Doesn’t really have the same ring as the corn rhyme but no complaints here!
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Although were later going in this year, they are on target this point in the growing season.
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Keystone Ag Producers Jul 29
Moving farm equipment on Manitoba highways is everyone's responsibility, even if you're not the one driving the tractor. Read more in the new edition of Manitoba Farmers' Voice. LINK:
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Korey Peters Jul 29
Crop tour day with always great to see all the old faithfuls next to the new up and coming varieties.
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Manitoba Co-operator Jul 28
Faces of Ag: “In this together” says Interlaker.
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Thiessen Ag-Flaman 14h
Do you like picking up rental equipment that's well maintained, clean, trouble free, ready to work for you? We, are well equipped to bring you the best possible equipment available for rent.
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Allan Dawson Jul 31
Finally getting some rain — 3/10s so far this morning. Received just 3.75” this growing season. Last rain was 0.08” July 21.
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2016 Heliodor Gigant 12S/1600 with a 52' working width, 18-19" discs, double rolling baskets & more, listed by !
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Louise 🇨🇦 Jul 30
Thursday, July 30th! Winkler, 🇨🇦 Four different crops in one section of land! Endless agricultural possibilities in the Manitoba Red River Valley.
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Keystone Ag Producers 59m
We have sent a letter to , outlining the cost of the federal carbon tax to Manitoba farmers. LINK:
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chowkidar randeep 7h
Replying to @Profdilipmandal
I had a video call on WhatsApp with Jesus yesterday..he told be this mandal is a s$...y still he is not converted give him 10 of rice bag n convert ...
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