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Keala Naehu-Asa Jan 26
This person is living under a rock frfr...those men killed the stage & which was just two most ago negative Nancy😉
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Devuwu⁷ (check and RT my 📌) 💜#BlackSwan Jan 26
Debuting my second fancam... Omg stream the Dionysus dance break 😍😭 imagine seeing it live for concerts 😭😭😭😭
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Alanah Jade 💛💛💛 Jan 23
Did this quick 20 ish minute doodle for warm up today. Solar's Mama outfit has been on my mind for literal weeks.
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💙monnie⁷ Jan 23
I always end up writing too much on my captions... poor IG friends! 😆 summary is, all I wanted was to talk about Jin’s speech at 🤷🏻‍♀️
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WooSanHwaWoWoW Jan 21
Okay,don't get mad but why did Mingi Tiddies went viral eventhough Mingi's main idea was to show off his abs at MAMA 2019?Mingi even said he prepared his ABS and NOT tiddies for the performance.I don't get ya'll 😂😂😂😂
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しーてて🧸🎨 4h
弟くんたちを見てる兄たちが大好物って話しましたっけ?? BTS Reaction to TXT Run Away At MAMA 2019 より
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Merry Merry(ARMY💜💜)7 Jan 24
A beautiful memory when VMin smiled together at MAMA 2019💜😊💕❤😊💜
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TARN aBrTmSy Jan 26
ตอนแทตีลังเก น่าจะอุบัติเหตุ แขนพลิก น้องเลยจับหัวไหล่บริหารเล็กน้อย และแสดงสปิริตเต้นต่อได้ตามปกติ เป็นห่วงนะคะ 💜 🤟🏻✌🏻🥰  
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Piiyadaaaaaaaa Jan 26
ฝากพี่ๆ Reaction บังทันด้วยนะค้าาาา 💜😆 อลังมากแม่ 💥🔥
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Nubi Nubi Jan 22
Te vas al hospital creyendo que estas con un virus porque estas vomitando y descubres que estás embarazada!😳😨 ...
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Jfb - reynand Jan 21
¦꭛ RT taehyungpic: 🏆Best Music Video 🏆Best Male Group 🏆Fav Male Artist 🏆Worldwide Fans’ Choice 🏆Best Dance Performance Male…
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양도계 Jan 21
Replying to @E5mveAraDNHM711
방탄 페르소나 앨범 엽서 각 0.1 태형 제이홉 지민 호석 뷔   goods
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なちゃこそ Jan 21
また 見てる。 再放送字幕付き。ダンスパフォーマンス部門受賞でまずこんにちはとペコリ頭を下げるジミンちゃんの素朴さよ…😌
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삼색고향이 Jan 20
마마 보면서 계속 느끼는데 가수 뒤에 백업댄서가 너무 돼지면 그 무대를 망치는 기분 공연이 안보이고 그 돼지만 보여... 티비에 나올정도로 프로면 관리좀해라
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