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Francis Maxwell Mar 21
Not one notable conservative has tweeted about the who today plead guilty to 65 counts after mailing bombs to prominent Democrats who Trump consistently disparaged. Why won’t they condemn terror when the perpetrator is radicalized by their beloved leader?
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Molly Knight Apr 5
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
I see we one wasn’t enough for your ego
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Adam Klasfeld Mar 21
Replying to @KlasfeldReports
What struck me about the 's guilty plea today: Cesar Sayoc's raspy voice was barely audible, even amplified by a microphone. He wept after apologizing in a carefully worded statement, whose evasions a judge shredded. Nothing "Great" about it.
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Michelangelo Signorile Mar 15
Much media not pointing out the recent Coast Guard Lt who was going to unleash terror attack but thankfully stopped. Or or others. New Zealand could have been US, and it’s only a matter of time that it will be. They’re also not discussing shooter revering Trump.
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Adam Klasfeld Apr 2
NEW: Cesar Sayoc backpedals in a handwritten letter on his admission that he knew his bombs could have killed. "Your Honor my attourney [sic] instructed me to say yes," he wrote. "In my heart, I wanted to say no." He claims he wanted to "only intimidate + scare."
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David Feld Apr 19
Replying to @NYDailyNews
That didn’t take long: -II
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Boris Mar 21
tell these sissy teachers if they want to be wimps if, they can be fired! There is no more patriotic an injury you can sustain than in protecting our children!!
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Mindful Majority Mar 3
Replying to @GOPLeader
. McCarthy quickly condemned Ilhan Omar, but failed to acknowledge his own anti-Semitic trope last fall when he accused 3 Jewish billionaires of trying to buy the elections. McCarthy issued this tweet not long after Soros received a pipe bomb from the :
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RV Fulltimer Apr 7
Remember the
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The Daily Edge Feb 17
This is dangerous. The same President who activated the to target CNN is now saying there should by “retribution” against NBC for making fun of him. Also disturbing: if this kind of threat causes some to self-censor.
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Adam Klasfeld Mar 15
NEW: Docket indicates there is now a plea hearing scheduled for March 21 in the case of Cesar Sayoc, the man dubbed the for allegedly targeting perceived Trump critics. Sayoc pleaded not guilty in November. Background at :
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camethedawn Apr 19
Replying to @camethedawnxp
Remember when racist white police officers were caught on film shouting white power after they murdered prison guards and inmates after their raid on Attica? Sofia Coppola used the clip in her documentary of the uprising.
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The Daily Edge Mar 21
BREAKING: -inspired terrorist pleads guilty in NYC
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Operation Wolverines Mar 25
: What the public should be concerned with, is a political appointee creating an inspirational hit list of public enemies for a /Brown Shirt, all veiled in a shell of humor. In other words, this is what a fascist state looks like.
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Austin Apr 13
Replying to @BrentJCCherry @IlhanMN
Trump says that the media is the enemy of the people, and then one of his extremist supporters shoots up a newsroom in Annapolis. Trump calls Hillary, Obama, and many others a threat to America, and a mails bombs to al of them. He's going to get more people killed.
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The Daily Edge Feb 23
Victory for as hires radical conspiracy theorist who hates CNN as much as he does to oversee 2020 election coverage.
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PEP Apr 16
Go to prison after pleading guilty Cesar Sayoc, you're a domestic terrorist You committed an act of cowardice & now you're crying in court. Hmm, For who's benefit? It seem your remorse is bc you were caught Not bc you mailed political & famous people deadly packages.
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Isiah Blair🌊 Feb 23
Replying to @EdKrassen
Of course hes not. Let's be honest. Hes making it very clear to his rabid base to attack and kill Democrats and the media. He wants it. The was the first one. Now this one. He will keep saying the media is the enemy hoping "a nice guy with guns" will save the day.
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Michael Thomas Apr 3
AKA Cesar Sayoc Jr., told the judge overseeing his case that his only intention in sending the bombs was to "intimidate and scare." Oh, what a relief.
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Truthtalker Apr 11
I’m sure we’ll find Holden Mathews, the along with the , , & all other 💯
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