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Michael Nöthem 12h
President Trump won a second term.
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🇺🇸 Grenni 🇮🇱 15h
TREASON: The crime of betraying one’s country, specially by attempting to overthrow the government. Enough is enough- call it for what it’s been & is,
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Janet #IHonortheGodWithinYou 20h
Remember when Donald Trump told us that he would balance the budget and eliminate the national debt during his presidency? How it started... How its going...
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NigrumFry 15h
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Michael Nöthem 18h
Funny how Democrats supported Al Gore when he did not concede until December 13th... Press on, !
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Cenk Uygur 5h
I hear new administration is considering pardoning Hunter Biden when he gets into office. - isn't that outrageous abuse of power? Pardoning your own kid. It's sick. Just kidding, it's Trump considering pardoning all his kids. Do you love it now?
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Aaron J. Carpenter🇺🇸 12h
Replying to @aaronjcarpenter
...standing six feet apart.” I approve. This is a must. We will NOT let this election be stolen. If Congress and Courts fail to uphold the United States Constitution, this may be the unfortunate last resort option. I say: do it, but only if absolutely necessary. 🇺🇸 (3/3)
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Dr Taylor Marshall 🙏🏻🇺🇸 7h
There’s a big 🛑 rally in Georgia at 2:05pm Wednesday! Let’s get a big crowd out there.
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Michael Nöthem 19h
When I assert that women who support are usually smart and beautiful, I am speaking from experience...😉
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Michael Nöthem 20h
It's ...and still won the election.
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Richard Marx 5h
If you sincerely support Donald Trump, it is imperative that you donate to his quest to overturn the election. Send as much as you possibly can. PayPal. Credit cards. Venmo. Fuck, take out a loan if necessary but SUPPORT YOUR PRESIDENT!!!
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Barbara Janik 22h
So if Biden cheated to win the election, why would Trump run in 2024. Wouldn't Biden just steal it again? As a matter of fact, why should any Republic ever bother to vote. Seriously. Stay home, folks. LOL.
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Vera - Voting Blue To Save America - #Biden2020 14h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
I don't know about you but I'm excited that the nation is going to finally have a Madam Vice President. 50 days until Madam Vice President and POTUS Biden. 50 days until civility and kindness return to our presidency. 50 days until science matters. 50 days until we
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Cenk Uygur 6h
Rudy Giuliani is charging Trump campaign $20,000 a day. I know is not good at math, so I'll do it for you - he's ripping you guys off to the tune of $600,000 a month! Trump's not paying for that, his is. I don't know whether to be deeply amused or just sad for them.
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Monkeys love convicted SCUMBAG James O'Keefe from Project Veritas. No surprise here...........moving on.
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The Tribulation Series 21h
MUST LISTEN!!! Exclusive: 3-Star General McInerney Calls For Martial Law, Tribunals & Investigation of Treason!
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Lurabyss 7h
Replying to @gbellnasa
Cisco not phones only. Also make PC routers, switches, software to provide secured internet connectivity & VPNs to mask IP addresses. If they are removing Cisco equip. from secure voting location, was it used to connect equipment covertly to the Web during vote tallies?
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Kathy Knowles 12h
Count Only LEGAL votes!!!
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🇺🇸 Grenni 🇮🇱 16h
*States refused to provide voter data to Trump *SSA keeps EVERYONE's status data whether citizen, foreign student, legal or illegal resident. *Trump sent checks to the ALREADY existing database. We've always known who is truly eligible to vote...and now the traitors too
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Ryan Jensen 20h
If the GOP doesn’t fight with for “Free & Fair Elections” — then I don’t claim them as my party. I’m in the party!
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