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North West Motorway Police Sep 20
13:08 20/09/18 - on going incidents. Junction 7 to J8 SB - Taking several reports of Debris lane 1 - Highways England attending. J23 to J22 SB - Report of a Dog hiding in the bushes nr to the embankment Highways attending.
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Highways England Sep 18
There's been a collision on the eastbound between J14 and J12, near . The outside lane (of 3 lanes) is closed. Long delays on the approach, back to J15, Junction.
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North West Motorway Police Sep 13
18:41 13/09/18 J19 to J20 NB (Tabley) Live lane break down J2 to J3 SB (Moreton) Broken down veh H/S J33 to J34 NB (Lancaster) Broken down Car & Trailer J12 to J14 WB (Clifton) Tanker with smoke coming out of the back J4 - J3 WB - RTC - Scene now clear
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Duncan Ferguson Sep 20
Brisbane going large for the launch ... here’s to a great night at
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Qwine Sep 20
Wine fact This is BIGGEST wine dinner. Fact! Well played Brisbane 👏👏
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