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Jess Scarane for Senate Mar 28
I'm running against the 5th most conservative Democrat in the Senate. I want . He tried to use a pandemic to sell insurance. I want $15/hour. He thinks it's too high. I rely on individual donors. He took $3M from corporate PACs. Help me reach 10k followers this weekend.
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Doug Stuart Mar 27
Replying to @mehdirhasan
Just laid off this morning. No health care in the middle of a global pandemic. Nothing more to say.....
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Jeff Bozo Mar 31
A director of progressive programming and MSNBC contributor disregarding arguments for because they felt a tweet was “mean.” Thats the problem obviously not our for profit healthcare system that leaves people to die
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Ramona Massachi Apr 1
The Democratic partly may slowly go into oblivion. The party is split. Progressives that support , , and countless life enhancing policies. The original Democrats that pretend to care but are just ruled by corporate profits.
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Bootsie Rose Is Not A Real Democrat 2020 🌹 Apr 1
Replying to @ABC
Wow. The View is no better than propaganda. Whoopi is a truly disrespectful host. Her biased personal views don’t represent large swaths of this country. Senator Sanders is deeply respected and adored in his fight for . You should be ashamed of her hostile behavior.
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Trevor Charles Gowan Apr 1
“We've drafted the legislation, priced it out, made the specs, won the argument and organized on the ground, so I think at this point we should start asking people who defend this system, why our current for-profit system should continue to exist?" on
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⚖️ DJ Cyborg ⚖️ Still Loving Black Women Mar 27
Replying to @NotTheSydneyA
Why is this a hard concept for yall to get? Why don’t y’all understand that unlike white folks pushing , Black people take a HUGE risk putting their health and wellness into the hands of purveyors of white supremacy.
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🌹🔥#BernieOrBust🔥🌹🦺#UniteWithBernie 10h
If you want a democratic victory then you will have to rally around Bernie. He's the only candidate who is not morally and ethically bankrupt! Biden's against everything we fight for. , College, Green Planet, Decent Wages, Money out of Politics!
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love is the drug 🌹 7h
Replying to @YNB
"You're" not doing everything you can to make sure satan doesn’t get four more years if you keep demeaning a large segment of the voting public. But keep elevating yourself so you can feel like a "Gotcha!" Tweet Queen. That's the most important thing, after all.
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De'Narde English 4 MD Delegate🌹 4h
We need Medicare-For-All right now in this country. This pandamic showed us what's truly wrong with our current Healthcare system. Bernie Sanders: Supports it! Joe Biden: Doesn't support it! Candidate who said that he would veto : Joe Biden Make the right choice America!
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Bill Cimbrelo 🌻🌹 5m
Hypocrisy: Now that everyone's ass is on the line, 3M selling masks overseas at Blackmarket prices is an outrage. But somehow, drug companies making life-saving medicines cost-prohibitive to many seemed okay. Desperation works in mysterious ways. and
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LizViz27 5h
it would cost that much, he forgets to mention that the current system cost 5+ trillion more than
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Ms Dilligaf 37m
Seeing lots of evangelical centrists out here harassing anyone remotely to the left of them, and it's goofy! Imagine clapping for nurses but starting shit with anyone they see advocating for ? Corporate propaganda works, y'all. Your political parties are cults. Stfu & log off
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Jeff Van Dreason 2h
10 mill people are now unemployed, so 10 mill people (plus families) have lost their health insurance. In the middle of a pandemic. Tying health insurance to employment is barbaric. If you disagree, you're barbaric. If the politicians you support disagree, they're barbaric.
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Climate Clock 🇸🇴#IStandWithIlhan🇵🇸 8h
Replying to @JoeBiden
Why Biden doesn't support •Candidacy largely funded by healthcare companies •One of his top campaign advisers is a h/c lobbyist PS: his climate adviser, Heather Zichal, was on the board of fossil fuel company Cheniere Energy where she earned >$1M PPS:
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The Objective 🌹🍞☮️ 8h
Earlier, someone literally said “No one lacks access to healthcare in America.” This is during a debate where they’re arguing against universal health care. The lack of awareness, the lack of empathy, the lack of brains... it’s a little disturbing, and a lot disgusting.
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Bernie4PrezYo 10h
Replying to @nationalparke
Years and years of being told "socialism bad, we can't afford single payer healthcare" then in the span of two weeks, the Government drops trillions to fix our economy, yet let average people suffer as a result. We need to get our priorities straight as a country.
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Michael Bueckert 5h
Joe, you can't demand free testing and treatment of COVID-19 and then somehow say that Medicare-for-all wouldn't have made a difference. If was in place, you wouldn't need to demand it. This is so stupid.
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Prairie Red 7h
One of the areas of resistance has encountered is that the Federal government is generally as incompetent in administrative processing as are large insurers. The current crisis has unsurprisingly exceeded leviathan's ability to respond.
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mother uranus #generalstrike 🔥 7h
Replying to @HillaryClinton
Too late for all that. It's abundantly clear we need
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