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Kris Newby Jul 13
. cites ’s BITTEN, and amends H.R. 2500 with an investigation into DoD’s use of ticks and other insects as biological weapons.
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Christopher Bergin Jul 16
Interesting ........ I will always look at science from both sides of the spectrum but I will not engage with people who refer to lyme patients as a "cult" Lyme disease often misdiagnosed, resulting in unnecessary antibiotics
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LymeTV 3h
Replying to @LonnieRhea
Some good points. What about a cost-benefit analysis of Lymerix? How does a serious adverse reaction rate of ~200 for 1.4 million vaccine doses compare to the toll of with 10-20% of the annual ~300K cases since 2002 having persisting symptoms?
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LymeMIND Jul 18
Which areas/types of treatment are you most interested in learning more about? a. Prevention, vaccination and detection b. Diagnosis and discovery c. Therapeutics and treatment d. Big data and next-generation technologies
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Infectolab Americas Jul 16
RT : Could you be experiencing the symptoms of ?
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Mabel R. Jul 17
Replying to @RobSchneider
To understand the possible origin of , read the book 'Lab 257 : The Disturbing Story of the Government's Secret Plum Island Germ Laboratory'.
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Kris Newby Jul 16
Can Dems and Republicans all agree that weaponized ticks are bad?
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I made a serious misjudgement at the weekend, and following a lovely walk to my local nature reserve (wearing shorts), once I returned home and removed no less than 43 ticks!!! 😕☹️🙄😶😢😭😝and two days later a further two! NOT CLEVER! 😢😢😢
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Leland Stillman, MD 3h
Why is such a problem today? What can we do about it? How did the US and international create this , without sharing in any of the downside? And while realizing massive profits as a result. New blog:
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Fatigo_ME 12h
My NHS GP and Rheumatologist have both tested me repeatedly for Syphillis based on unique symptoms, always negative but I’m waving a positive Lyme test in their faces (private lab) that they have to/decide to ignore - frustrating.
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Anne Deleon Jul 19
Saw a deer while walking my dog. Didn’t approach it for many reasons one being
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Galaxy Diagnostics Jul 17
One-year-old child in the DC area dies from .
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André Picard Jul 20
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Derek Jul 18
The Pentagon experimented with ticks and blood-sucking insects as biological weapons between 1950 and 1975. Nice. Claims that they were released seem dubious but would certainly be less than ideal if true.
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"My brain will often feel like it is on fire as it gets inflamed. At these times I can't communicate at all. I just lie in a dark room for weeks waiting for it to pass." via
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LymeNow 3h
Some days I just don't have the energy to hide that I am devastated by Lyme.
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LymeNow 1h
There are so many treatment options available for Lyme disease. What have you had luck with?
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Greg Hartley-Brewer 13h
Replying to @RealMorgellons
In 2011 dentist burst an ulcer in my mouth. "Oooh" he said. Went behind the chair, faffed around & came back into view with full bio-face mask on & said "You need to be tested for syphilis". Negative serology, but 4 years later diagnosed w ! Both spirochetal diseases.
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Rx Saver Discount Jul 20
Tick Removed From Kentucky Man's Eyeball.
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💚 Kiki 🙏 ਕੀਕੀ 9h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
NOT Make America Great Again by getting all the sick people proper medical care. MAGA by eradicating You know all about Lyme Trump....your Xwife still battles Lyme symptoms to this day. DO SOMETHING.... March into the CDC and ask, what the hell is going on!!
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