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Lyme Disease UK Aug 1
Heading outdoors this weekend? Early treatment of is crucial to prevent long term symptoms. If you notice a rash, take a photo to send to your GP & explain that you may been bitten by an infected tick & would like to be assessed for acute Lyme disease without delay.
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Hannah Rose Olson 7m
Check out my latest podcast with from the network! You'll hear how I managed to build a business while undergoing intensive treatment for
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BCA_Clinic_Official Jul 29
People who suffer from chronic Lyme disease often experience symptoms for months or even years following the onset of the infection. So does this mean that Lyme disease antibodies stay in your system forever? Read on to find out:
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Lyme Connection Jul 31
Maternal-fetal concerns producing more education for mothers
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MB Pfeiffer 3h
Getting COVID even after exposure isn’t inevitable. It can be beaten back -- w/over-the-counter, readily available stuff. (Don't tell Pharma.) I'm working up a story based on one doctor's experience. PS- can teach us a lot about the power of nature and immunity.
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"He woke up crying and he couldn't walk to the bathroom. He said his body hurt," Lehman said.
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Lyme Treatment Foundation Aug 1
2 years ago, on August 1st, 2018, our Founder, Wendy Phillips, created the Lyme Treatment Foundation! Since then, LTF has awarded over $90K in treatment grants to those living in the U.S. & Canada! Learn more or donate at
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Engineer4Health 9h
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sk8er Jul 30
'Fighting has been the hardest battle i’ve ever fought. And it’s not over yet. Writing the music that i shared with you helped me heal.' - Avril Lavigne 🖤
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A negative test for doesn't rule out Lyme. The diagnosis should be based upon your symptoms. Use our Symptom Checklist today and discuss the results with your doctor.
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BCA_Clinic_Official 11h
Diagnosing Chronic Lyme disease isn’t always as simple as taking a blood test, but there are other methods... Follow this link to find out more.
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Global Lyme Alliance Jul 29
"We've been admitting a lot of kids who have been quite sick, and so I urge parents to keep it in mind...”
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Terry M. Mayfield 20h
Extra hugs and prayers to those Feeling the Feels... + = 😢 ugh!!!
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Terry M. Mayfield Jul 29
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Project Lyme Jul 30
As seen on The Voice, Ryan Quinn joins us to share his music and talk about his journey with . Mark your calendars - Facebook Live Performance tomorrow, Friday 7/31 @ 5:00pm EST
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Tick Boot Camp Aug 2
Thank you for leading the charge (and WINNING) to increase the CDC's budget from $14 million to $20 million!! :
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Project Lyme 3h
Everyone’s is different. Please send in your written stories, photos, videos, and anything else you want to share with us via our new email inbox,! We want to hear from you all 💚
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East of Scotland Beekeepers Association (ESBA) Aug 2
Think it’s worth sharing this post. should be aware of ticks when they are out & about at sites - whether it’s grassland, general vegetation or indeed heather sites. They’re small little critters but if carrying ticks can cause you a number of problems.
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A Jackson 22h
patients- meeting coming up. Witness how Walker fights to keep longterm impacts from being discussed in the 2020 report. Appears He Appointed Shapiro to back him & take a patient vote. Yes, that Shapiro:
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Jamison Hill Jul 27
If there’s one thing that I’ve struggled with the most while I’ve been sick, it’s finding a balance between doing things I enjoy and doing things that don’t make me sicker. Something that I reflected on in my latest blog post:
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