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Shelby LaRose Aug 20
Got to spend an hour in the combine and take off my trial! Huge thanks to my Dad for putting in this trial! That is one massive pea crop considering the year.
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Shelby LaRose 28 Aug 18
Picked 2 random plants from treated vs untreated Atlas XC. Plant height, stalk strength and the root systems are still noticeably different. Plus seem to have a few more pods in treated vs untreated! Will be a bit yet before it is swathed!
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Shelby LaRose Jun 19
Last field sign of the day is my favourite field by far. My SXS continues to look great! Crazy thick root structures and a bit taller plant!
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Shelby LaRose Jul 11
This product continues to amaze me every time I go out to the field! The amount of vegetative growth seems to be increasing and flowering is still going strong on the treated side. Will be excited to see it pod next!
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Shelby LaRose Oct 22
Thanks to Creekside Farms for putting in an trial for me this year! It was a fantastic year watching this product perform in its first year and I am happy to FINALLY see it off the field!
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