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Christina Papadam 3h
I wouldn't know which one to choose. Most probably, the winged victory
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Wes Farrell 👨‍🔬 Jul 15
Smart phones have ruined museums.
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Ross Duckham 7h
A foot traffic map of the thanks to . See if you can spot where the Mona Lisa is
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L’Officine Universelle Buly Takes Over the
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Alejo Johnson 8h
Here for our activity day... 🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪 (at in Abu Dhabi)
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MMS Panthers Jul 20
Replying to @MMS_Panthers
I visited the in Paris, France and saw the Mona Lisa (and my grandkids too!)
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Merlene Emory Gilb, Ed.D. 13h
My harrowing Mona Lisa moment. When in Paris ... A few days ago and still reeling. But I did it. Oh, the humanity. ✔️
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HealthyTrading Jul 15
Taking the day of (only for my lady) , stuck in .
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như Jul 17
Is the art museum on your bucket list too?
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Ikon Aluminium Jul 22
It's all about the bespoke solutions for all non-mechanical ventilation requirements. Constructed from extruded aluminium, polyester powder coated to any standard RAL or BS colour. Anodizing is offered to special order.
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Boston Review Jul 19
"The story of the Sacklers exemplifies a pervasive pattern of exoneration for those at the top of economic, racial, and gendered hierarchies." Museums must follow the example of the and remove the family's name from their walls.
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Bettina Ross 🇪🇺 Jul 18
Good grief! (the splendour!) Or, as the French say: La Louvre.
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7D News Jul 18
Sackler Family Name a Disgrace to Louvre
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Syed Waqas Saghir Jul 15
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Jeanine Schaart Jul 16
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cDcreativeDirector::.c.:KAL007survivor(´♡‿♡`) Jul 15
Replying to @FoxxyPinKKAL007
The catwalk for Menswear Fall Winter 2022 could also be great at The Pyramid by I. M. Pei I used to help an ex-friend who had a brand of knitted clothing for male Hipsters: Monsieur Lacenaire
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Jeff Meyers 14h
purges every mention of the pushers. Other museums should follow suit. They should be forced to finance the recovery needs of every addict.
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Have you ever visited Louvre Museum ? Louvre museum with millions of art collections 🎭🎨 The Mona Lisa is the most famous art painting there. Some of the ceiling paintings are also stunning. Would you like to visit with us?
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mademoiselle Jul 22
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Prestigious 🗝💎 Jul 21
Where would you like to go for your next ? Why not head to ? 🥐 Just picture, the , the , a nice walk along the river with your kids 🌊 Click on the link to escape in Paris:
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