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Slamsterdamn Aug 9
Replying to @CarmineSabia
You’re getting selective about pedophiles & sex assaulters.
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Mozartmama 🌊 11h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Ha! How much $ money have you, your family cost us? Vacationing, golfing, eating, drinking, self promoting parades, we are in debt in the billions because of you. The only reason you are running again is because you make money off of us!
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NotPerfect-JustRight 19h
Replying to @Reuters
GOOD ! Name names, and bring down the entire corrupt network of slime in DC and Hollywood.
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Quinntessential Aug 16
Replying to @DemocracyFwd
prop·a·gan·da /ˌpräpəˈɡandə/ noun: propaganda 1. information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view. "Fox News was charged with distributing enemy propaganda" ABOLISH and
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jeff fischer Aug 16
💯% agree. And everyone of those that remains silent and claims they are trying to mitigate the deplorable acts from behind the scenes, can go fuck themselves. Behind the scenes is not working. The country needs these crimes to be screamed from every rooftop.
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CalQ👁👁N 🇧🇪 19h
What are you waiting for? Panel of 16 Judges Agrees: Barr Has Enough to Indict Clinton and Obama
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Deann/Dems2020 Aug 11
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Andrew Hsieh #JS4PM 🇪🇺🇬🇧🇭🇰🔶 Aug 16
Replying to @atrupar
Start with him, and his hateful base.
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JAS&TenResist Aug 9
Replying to @jkbjournalist
EVERY abuser involved in this case must be prosecuted, regardless of their position or politics.
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MimiMiller 420 Aug 11
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Karen Bennett Aug 9
Replying to @SRuhle @LULUBELLE1000
Let’s see the Black Book, then
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Karen Gardner Borden Aug 8
Replying to @Adjustedwell
Kamala Harris is an idiot and should be thrown out of congress. Tell her to try to come to my house!
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Sean Kirkendall Aug 14
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Narayana Reddy. Konduru 7h
and her family is above the Law in US🇺🇸. Please get some relief Mr Ryan. Ask to AG, William P Barr to initiate his investigation on 👇 and
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Replying to @JackPosobiec @cshgirlx
They are an Accessory to the crime
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Artur Louro Aug 15
WTF??? 20 Years Old having a same sex relationship with a 55yo Man for 6 years already...
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Prem 🙏🏻💕 Aug 15
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City Pitties Aug 15
Replying to @BFriedmanDC
But No marks on his neck? No cameras? Taken off suicide watch? Photo of guy on stretcher w/ different nose, hairline, ear? Warden reassigned? Oh and portrait, 26 flights on Lolita Express and vacations on Pedo Island for ?
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Ido Amir 💙 Aug 14
Trump and his band of pirates are all trying to use the same tactic: They are all trying to gradually convince us that the crime they committed isn't really a crime.
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Tara Dublin Aug 14
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