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Damien Gayle Feb 13
"We are living in poverty in this company." Ana Joaquim, a barista at , on the picket as she and colleagues strike for the .
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Calvin Vassallo Chan Feb 18
Replying to @KamalaHarris
Minimum wage increase should be pegged to the cost of living, not the pathetic whims of Congress.
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CAM ✌️ 53m
It always has been and always will be immoral to have a system in which some people have billions while others have little!
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Nansinguza Jacob 8h
Replying to @BBCAfrica
still lags behind in Universal Health Coverage ( ) . Our are not expanding fast enough to raise incomes. Yet monies that could subside the are lost to .
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Alan David 15h
Replying to @comicalwagner
We each have rent to pay, families to feed, and want to live with dignity. So rather than accept people have a right to choose what music to listen to and/or musicians to hire, we demand a living wage for playing our songs which are mostly, but not all, about poop.
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Scotlands Tweets 14h
William Wallace enjoyed Europe...end of story! No seriously, Scotland could attract highly skilled workers to innovative industries and show the UK how that makes a nation better. But...we'll need to start paying a and keep up with the modern world!
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Max Havelaar 9m
“We want to thank for recognising the work that has been doing on and ” says Abubakar from
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Simone Rudolphi 19m
👇 yep ... thousands of people working a few hours on ridiculous hourly rates or freelance /self-employed not able to fund daily food/petrol /rent but at least we are not unemployed messing up your figures ..spin away ...
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Living Wage Scotland 10m
Great to speak with the team at the showing their continued support as an accredited employer!
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Matter Of Form Feb 15
We are delighted to announce that the Matter Of Form Group is now an accredited Living Wage Employer - a fair day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay . Read more via the link:
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Nic TheDragonSlayer Feb 20
I'm Black, gay, female and 48. Never thought I would be unemployed at this stage of my life. With no degree or skill this is scary
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Earlsfield Councillors Feb 20
Replying to @earlsfield_lab
We aren’t clear what the steps are for the Tories supporting . Big statement with no action plan.
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Craig Drebit 23h
Replying to @duncankinney
I just enjoy not having to hear stories about my staff sleeping in phone booths anymore.
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Living Wage Scotland 33m
Great to see the enthusiasm of the team as they highlight their accreditation as an accredited employer!
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Amy Schuh Feb 15
The wages of a full-time job ought to cover the bills.
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Mother Ivey's Bay 26m
Hi Fred, we are 80% down on EU recruitment, but we are an accredited employer paying our team at least the REAL (£9.00/hr), we are recruiting well, and we are on track to be fully staffed for 2019 despite . Firms offering low pay will struggle!
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kybreese54 19h
It was a comparison of what a minimum wage person could afford in the past and what it covers today. Todays coverage will come up extremely short to even provide a place to live, much less College. To fix the basic problems and a would go along way
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Oxfam Australia 12h
Replying to @OxfamAustralia
We called for a for women like Anju, who struggle to feed themselves and their families on pay that is simply not enough to live on - while working for big name brands such as Kmart, Target and Cotton On.
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Perthshire Preserves 23h
We are a employer. Are you??? Do the right thing.
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Chris Minnoch Feb 18
Just heard from the Lord Chancellor on reforming short sentences. While in the lobby some of his staff make it clear there are other issues he needs to consider.
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