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Rob D. Sep 8
Replying to @BoilingPointLTC
2 up for grabs here. Voting closes Friday night!! Get your votes in!!
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Jon Moore Sep 13
I will remember the generosity I saw tonight from for the rest of my life!! Strong community and freedom is the use case of and Bitcoin Ben displayed that with nearly a $2,000 donation tonight for a Sign Language interpreter for the Litecoin Summit!!
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Paddy stash Sep 12
🚨 Give Away time! 🚨 🔥 2 🔥 Rules to enter - Follow me - Retweet this - Tag your fiends. Don't care how many 1 or 100 Winner announced Sept 20th Good luck!
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*Retweet* if you agreei I just realized that for having zero budget, 's performance in pushing for awareness & adoption is incredible. Really think about it?🤔 This movement has a heartbeat.❤️ We are not moved by $ or position but straight passion for .
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Jon Moore Sep 10
I stopped by Tracks Smoke Shop in Elmwood Park to make a purchase of and !! I bumped into Mannie hanging out while I was there chilling in a LTC shirt and a hat!
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Coolest Uber driver ever! & .
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Master ⚡️ ATH incoming Sep 13
The year is 2021 Bitcoin is trading at $100,000 Litecoin is trading at $1000 The future is bright
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JT Jeremy (Go Gators!🐊) Sep 13
Am I the only one longing the crap out of here or what?🙋‍♂️🚀
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Jon Moore Sep 11
Booking a flight with is easy and they Accept for Payment!! I highly recommend using them for any flights!!
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Jon Moore Sep 9
I will pay referral fees via LTC to anybody that helps me place the systems. These are great for inventory, online ordering, integration, rewards and gift cards. We can also integrate and into the online ordering program!
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MacGyver[ŁTC] 19h
I have many great reasons to own . One of my favorite reasons is simply because I don't like being told what to do. May sound stupid... but it works for me.
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CKM Official Sep 9
: Consolidating Into a Bull Market - News
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Crypto Charts [ŁTC] 24h
Not believing in or should be a crime.
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Josiah [Not interested in Bank-Coins] Spackman 19h
In todays update video I look at some of the stats around the recently mined blocks across DigiByte, & , and the unique miners respectively:
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David Schwartz (aka - Dasch) Sep 14
This is a great article, debunking the lack of confidence, value, and actual on chain use of . On-chain data shows Litecoin is healthy, potential for LTC/BTC rebound via
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Asad [ŁTC ] Sep 8
People shouting " is dead." has been top 10 before they even got in crypto game. And it'll remain that way.
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Crypto Twitter is full of speculation, exitement & enthusiasm... im very fortunate to be part of a revolution that challenges our way of thinking. the Big 3 will likely shine in the months & years to come.
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Johnny 23h
Just sold my stash of Litecoin. I've learned to profit take. Waiting for a pullback to accumulate more. The low volume moves (< 81K LTC 24 Hour volume on Coinbase) indicates to me that the whales are in control now.
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Chloe@JWL Sep 14
Love you, Koop! You’re always so supportive for and . See you in Vegas🥰
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Satoshi Nakamoto 4h
Litecoin exhibits ascending channel pattern but moving averages complete bullish crossover
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