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Crypto Warren Buffett Jun 10
WOW! If hits $160 today... I will send 1 to ALL FOLLOWERS who RETWEETS and LIKES this. -Warren B.
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Paddy stash Jun 12
Whelp, it looks like this was the best decision I made so far in 2019. I did the same for at $3200 too :)
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Xinxi Wang Jun 12
I start to believe that this year's bull run is brought by for the world.
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Litecoin BullDawg (100% LTC) Jun 11
Very few people including pro traders will make a $1 million. I will and it won’t be from luck. Not from the lottery, jackpot in Vegas, ico, penny stock, or buying Apple stock a decade ago. Requires patience, a little crazy, and finding the right coin. LTC is my choice
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🔥Breaking News🔥 Jim Falk LEXUS of Beverly Hills will be Accepting as payment for their cars. Lexus like LTC blockchain is known for it's unmatched reliability. Thanks to for setting it up.
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HeyLitey🥑 Jun 10
The most accurate chart you're going to find!! Some other members were on injured reserve, so I subbed myself in. In order: @DaddyCool199 me Follow me for some more professional charting
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The Crypto Dog📈 Jun 9
is in it's own market and will deviate to the more bullish side of things on each macro move into the halvening. This is a powerfully easy catalyst to trade, given a little patience. To me, / is a clear buy the dip opportunity to at least .02.
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₿ 13h
If you are bullish on Bitcoin and Litecoin and if you agree with my statement of Fuck Banks Retweet!!
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360Trader Jun 12
just ain’t done yet Lead, Follow, or get the heck outta the way.
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Nemesis - Crypto Giveaways 🎁 11h
We are giving away 0.5 🎁 Steps: 1. Retweet 2. Tag 2 Friends 3. Follow To participate, you have to complete all steps. 🎉Ends in 7 Days🎉
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Litecoin BullDawg (100% LTC) 5h
This is just an educated guess but I don’t believe LTC will go below $129 again anytime soon. LTC/BTC at .011 was previous bottom and support before heading back up and I think .015 is new support. The next move above $142 will take us $150+.
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Crypto Boss 69 😉 $XRP Jun 13
Litecoin retracing to support zone and should be off to $160-$170 Lets see how this plays out.
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maxim Jun 13
The house always wins . Getting ready for the last sprint
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Wahid Fayad ⚡ Jun 12
Volume 2018 ATH: $520.9M $13.5B $4.9B $2.3B Todays Volume: Binance $545.8M Bitcoin $17B Ethereum $7.5B Litecoin $5.8B 🔥🔥🔥🔥🚀🚀🚀🚀
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E Jun 13
/USD Add this to yesterday's 4X part installment for some extra S/R lvls. Interesting stall vis a vis retracement @ 144 area. I will try & provide some further details on this, & the short frame at some point later today... as time allows it.
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The Crypto Dog📈 Jun 11
I am a believer in the technology. The network is robust in its halving date quickly approaching.
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Litecoin BullDawg (100% LTC) 4h
I think it’s cute the other majors are trying to make big moves and leave LTC behind. It’s simply not going to happen.
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The Doge of the Hacked Binance (CFO of $Doge) Jun 12
Replying to @ZeroSuperKnight
Thank you LOL > Why dont you?
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911RS2 Jun 14
target for this pullback $120 target pre-halving $220- 250 50 Days Prepare accordingly 🚀
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Master 💥 litecoin ATH incoming 16h
The biggest bull run hasn't happened yet.
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