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James Laudermilk Apr 6
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James Laudermilk Apr 5
Hello ! Some more ! I finished it! Just for Entertainers! Please share this with your friends whom may be entertainers and not using ! My downloadable PDF: “Top 10 Reasons Why Entertainers Need to Create a Business p…
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Forest Bosley Dec 15
Hello, , I'm looking to find new ways to advertise myself that highlights my "hard to " skills. I'm looking for any that could go for that effort. If anyone is up for the challenge, whats a good way to say: Adaptive heuristi…
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Cilicon Balei Mexicano May 10
Replying to @CiliconBaleiMX
En 2020 a ver si entre Chumel, Alfaro, y la gente que habla sobre la conspiración de como Mark Zuckerberg hace segregar dopamina a un 1/4 del planeta, tenemos algo que aporte a la tecnología y emprendimiento. Esperamos desde luego ver a Villanueva en el programa.
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