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Love Porter 7h
BE THAT BABE | Shop the Miss Empire Blazer and Pants today | Available as a set or as separates. Photography: davidgonzalezvalencia Model: Hair:…
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Abhishek Pandey 3h
Replying to @Iyervval
From how to pronounce Rafale (रफाल) to offset (set-off 😂) and finally "poor comprehension issues".... shows those clowns their place. 🙏
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Ashlee Vitz 1h
Staff scavenger hunt winning team
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Virginia Lucci Dec 11
Never give up on Nancy Pelosi.
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R3dle4der 1h
Replying to @Curis @thetacticalbat
Carrying them around in a yard long neon green tube with a flip top.
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Portland Pedal Power 4m
Can we take a moment to honor our amazing ? Diana is the epitome of a . She smartly navigates the handling all the big orders If you see her in the streets, give her a friendly wave - makes our day!
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MiaNichole Dec 12
Pic from fb live today...hey I was bored 😘 Brows Brow Powder Latte Duo Eyes #@violetvoss Foundation/Concealer both Lashes rubymaycosmetics jenna…
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Victoria Gibson Dec 11
Replying to @johnpavlovitz @rfh02
When you just spoiled the party but walk out
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kneel. knurd. 6h
Replying to @JulietHuddyTV
My FAVE!!!
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Mk Valluri 8h
We say technology will change things up. But does it really? What about Empathy, freedom of speech and Natural Language Processing 😎🖖🏻
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Mall of Saint Croix 16m
Replying to @AmyBrenneman
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ZsaZsa 🐯 & Asia 🐯 Dec 10
Cat doesn't care
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BOSS Snowplow 7h
Push into the weekend
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Brandon Casteel ☠️ 3h
Wanted to wear a tie to school today
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Shanna Henry 4h
It’s a work at home/work at Olivia’s so I can watch Harlots and use WIFI kind o day!! @ Chesterfield, Indiana
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Bad Hombre 4h
All nighter lab report grade.
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Nei Cruz Dec 12
Replying to @NancyPelosi
Thank you, ma’am for standing up the little girl who’s hiding behind the desk at the Oval Office, who throws tantrums on national television! !
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♛ Bob Sellers ♛ 3h
While these convicted criminals turned songbirds keep spewing baseless allegations (to save their own rear-ends), just keeps right own making America great again.
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Karen Murphy Dec 12
Replying to @PhilippeReines
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L͙I͙S͙ 👣🇺🇸🇬🇧 Dec 13
I saw the pictures. I concur You were TRULY on 🔥
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