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Christian 1h
you make idiots look like geniuses.
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JamesMarchese MPA JD Dec 9
So true NO STRAIGHT MALE wants his son to be gay. A gay son is a curse that takes away your traditions is a a parents nightmare that destroys families. Ruins holidays like we support you!
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Steve Dec 15
Replying to @kurteichenwald
No you won't. You'll end up staying here and complaining on Twitter all day.
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Patter the Na 16h
Replying to @realZarlux
I have longer(ish) hair so I’m straight too libtards
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Steven Yu 🇺🇸U.S.A.🇺🇸🇹🇼 17h
Replying to @ananavarro
Parents should be responsible for her death! Any of your agree? Of course NOT!
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Jerri Cordell 20h
This is what Republicans are saying and yet Democrats think we’re racist! But one of their Kennedy “gods” said it 50 years ago! The Democrats like welfare because they know if they keep ppl dependent on the gov’t, they’ll keep them voting Dem.!
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Joe Setlock 4h
Replying to @iheartmindy
It is a shame these Rats are voted into office to abide by and uphold our constitution, and yet they are trying everything in their means to Rewrite it.
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William Keane 1h
Replying to @cnni
Wow, you people are insane.
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TechCarver 6h
Mens CNC-Machinist T-Shirt Forces Of Stupid $16.99
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Noroi-PC4444 Dec 13
So I guess we're supposed to pretend this never happened?
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Noel Dolan 🎭 ⭐⭐⭐ Dec 7
6'3", 250lbs Callum 'Hannah' Mouncey is not a woman. He was born biologically/genetically male and always will be biologically/genetically a man. Redpilled gays and lesbians need to renounce the acronym fast. Feminazis have a lot to answer for.
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NoPoCu 4h
🤣🤣🤣🤣 I see your master plan has worked fantastic. Not only are his rallies packed inside there are also thousands of people outside who couldn't get in.
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Daniel L. McCaughan ❌ 3m
Marijuana & Heroin - “Two Great Tastes that TASTE GREAT Together!” democrats want to Legalize Both!
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Nice Guy Dan 19h
Just tweeted about my heartburn and a tweet from from November 9th is now on my screen... interesting...
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Kia 🇨🇦 19h
The leftists want to impose a 'white privilege' tax ... like fuck .. I've read enough of the internet today
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sal Dec 15
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FuckSNHUonline Dec 14
Replying to @KamalaHarris
Her parents didn't feed her for days. You're welcome.
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Ron Kenneally Dec 15
Replying to @RepJoeKennedy
Tell that to Kate Steinle's family.
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🇺🇸epra72🇺🇸 Dec 14
Replying to @jimmykimmel
You couldn’t handle being a garbage man. You’re too weak.
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Collusion Cathy Dec 15
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