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Jameson1738 14h
Replying to @CNN @andersoncooper
And to think that this anchor and this network were both respected at one time long ago...
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EddieB 22h
Replying to @KamVTV @brad_polumbo
It’s been a coup attempt since January of 2017!
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Joseph Hibbs Nov 11
Addendum to GND: Remembrance Day will be changed to Drag Queen appreciation day!!! Free condoms and anal lube for all the kids.
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Disgusting filth and perversion like this is being shoved down our kids' throats on a daily basis... the result of decades of # education policies and Liberal judges paving the way. What happened to MY AMERICA?
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✭☘Uncle Steve☘✭ 3h
Wow liberals are insane they belong in padded rooms but since all lives matter they let them out decades ago and put them in powerful positions like congress etc
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Colin Murphy 3h
Perhaps she’s a little ‘gun-shy’ (NPI) after the death threats from the unhinged left.
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Katie Allegretti Nov 10
People wear RESIST shirts and we all just have to accept it, but if I wear my MAGA hat out, someone will kick my ass.
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Lane Schultz 6h
Replying to @GOP
NEWSFLASH!!! We didn't learn a single thing
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She_SaidWhat? Nov 13
Replying to @munro_nora
Remember back in the day, our goal in life was to be self sufficient, make a name for yourself. Now, it’s a shame to be that and be proud that the government takes care of you.
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R1ckyL Nov 12
Replying to @RyanBLeslie @BrahnsonV
From a liberal ? You have not been paying attn lol
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dann sikes 3h
Replying to @PeteButtigieg
We dont have all the details yet but let's blame the NRA.
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Anonymousrex Nov 6
This is insane. How do you protests support for sick babies? And what do your patients think of you when you do something so political?
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Derrick Evans The Activist Nov 13
no one cares about your little show. Just cancel it!
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Steve Pearson Nov 13
Replying to @Alyssa_Milano
Um, there's no bribery..... Good try.
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Politi-cult Nov 5
Replying to @chrislhayes
So now you don't like photos? Pride? Patriotism? What about this photo offends you so much that you need to point it out? They take a lot of photos? Seriously? How about actual news?
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Naomi Jackson Nov 6
Virginia USED to be a good place to live. Now the socialists are in power. God help us all.
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vinny 49m
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Iron Lady 6h
Unbelievable! Denver Fines Local Business Owner for Refusing to Remove Homeless People’s Feces via
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Nationalist 17h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
To hell with the them. Don’t soil your good name by calling them anything Trumpers. They are simply always traders to the end.
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Airborne80 17h
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