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Betty Fantastik 21 Feb 12
When someone hates on you it's only cuz you're doing something right.
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Joshua Bell 15 Mar 17
Replying to @slipperstillfit
the hate stronger as this program gets closer to becoming a part of that elite fraternity.
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Jon Gaul 20 Jul 13
Forever aloning it up at in Atlanta. For someone else, this might be awkward. Whatever.
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Pamela Fish 22 Sep 12
Replying to @CarmelitaJeter
for every hater, there's 1,000 young girls whose life you've inspired and changed! !
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How? #FBPE #FBR 22 Mar 17
Replying to @Glinner
this is niche sub-sub-sub-culture. Its a contrivance and doesn't have legs outside of itself. Why give it notice?
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Random Gym Nause 20 Aug 12
Replying to @tomwrightfit
@tgdoubleyou I've got nothing but admiration for your iron lifting game baby. Stay cool
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Jon Gaul 3 Jul 15
Replying to @spooksdale
Psh, next time they talk smack come in red with the blood of your enemies.
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Eric Isaacson 1 Jan 18
Replying to @jilevin @GOP
- There is no need to hate, as a movement has started thanks to #45
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Joshua Bell 1 Mar 17
Replying to @tcherry002
haters only hate when you take their power away. Head up, Demolition Man. You headed to the league someday.
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Matty Oaks Jun 4
is knowing if your self-hating bigoted fear refuses to bake us Cakes.... History proves we’ll invent something More Fabulous than Cake...
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JF 26 Oct 17
This of course was so well received
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I'm Peaches 5 Feb 17
Their party is trash b/c they can't have , , , or any food 😂😂😂 💯
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Josh Walthall 11 Nov 15
Replying to @brothasoap
People just like having something to hate on. I actually get compliments on my bun(s).
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Omar Prince Feb 1
How does this make you feel? It's easy to be reactive, however after banging my head against walls countless times, now I am responsive.
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Very Cool 10 Oct 12
Fuck David Siegel and Westgate Resorts. I will not be spending another DIME at one.
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The Lue Crew 30 Aug 17
The Morning Duo of Champions
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Davidg1 3 Mar 16
Sending to thwart a populist uprising = Sending to defend the Bastille.
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Nattering Nerd Rocker Jul 9
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Wyeth 19 May 15
Now I'm happy they wouldn't watch Heretic...
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Just_Jai 26 Aug 10
@imstilljada That or the hot ass new Twiticon... either way
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