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Jory_N Dec 15
Except in & where the supervisor was diddling the kids.
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Borderlands of Health & Wellness Dec 14
Replying to @haaretzcom @wikileaks
Why is Latin America listed then decentered? Haaretz title is not about at all but I'm suspicious as to why the initial headline above doesn't come up as being authored by clearly, no one wants to communicate anything of actual value.
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Dos Manos Travels Dec 15
Amazing city - what a great place for your program in
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Since launching in Q2 this year, our platform has grown to over 180 publications »
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Creative Startups 4h
"As international VC money pours into the region, Latin America’s tech revolution is starting to feel unstoppable." The entrepreneurial and movement is booming in ! Via
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Por treze, tres Dec 13
Facebook is becoming full of groups relevant to people interested in : & 's groups for , Varas-Díaz's group for , and now Hickam's group for the . Do you know more?
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TropiQ Trips 3h
"Late-April to November is considered rainy or green season in many of our destinations and thus prices tend to be lower."
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The Corner 6h
can return to business in through the assets of . The Spanish bank did not operate there since it sold its shares in Bank of Venezuela to the country’s government for €1.050 Bn
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UT Knight Center 39m
In honoring persecuted around the world as its , magazine highlighted stories of reporters from 🌎.
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Blockchain4Latam Dec 14
Replying to @UofTBlockchain
Thank you ! Are you interested in ? Let's create synergies! 😀
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GrantCraft Dec 11
New research shows the majority of to has gone to organizations based outside of the region, a practice that undercuts the ability of local actors to offer efficient and sustainable solutions. Learn more:
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Amy Barker 17h
I wish would play Selena in the new series. . Everyone keeps saying j.lo again. Mexicans don't even like j.lo atlease not mine🤣🤣🤣
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Daniel A. Cabrera Dec 7
Replying to @murraymatt @WSJ
Mr. Murray, I just want to compliment you & your teams. The reporting on so many topics is outstanding. Today's (print) article on the violence and mob justice is just one fine example. Keep up the great . We need it. Merry Christmas.
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LaughingFox 23h
The US has had a major role in creating poverty and violence in for many years. Basically one could say that the countries of Latin America have been treated as the personal property of the US which they mold to their needs and oppose all resistance.
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Athena.Trade 3h
This is why we love the members of our Community. They see the big picture. is doing awesome things to address this in .
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Bevv .com 4h
San Diego’s Border X Brewing Builds Community Through Beer
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Matt Jeffery Dec 13
Linking local economics to conservation - how we can change the conversation.
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BYD Dec 15
🇨🇱’s has deployed their new fleet of buses! states that & Caribbean account for 10% of global emissions & have the greatest decarbonization potential in the 🌎 👏🏼 &
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Jordana Baron Dec 13
Replying to @HHI @operationsmile
as a global health priority is on the rise! While much effort focuses in Africa, we can't forget our neighbors in . Folks from have shed some light on this topic in Nicaragua, where I had the privilege of working with .
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IFC América Latina y el Caribe Dec 10
Technological disruption is changing banking in the region. IFC’s DigiLab can help banks in navigate these changes and come up with an effective digital strategy: Via
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