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Kathleen Geoghegan 4h
Thinking of our beloved 20 yr old Luke whom we lost to a flood 10 years ago today. Love this tribute to our dearest Dad, so nice to see both your faces Love you both always ❤️💔❤️
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Hugh Chaplain #One In 2 Million 49m
Replying to @ArgyleLoz
Congratulations, I shall continue to follow you with interest. However, I will never vote for a party that supports brexit, the destruction of the GFA or removal of FoM. is finished.
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John Strawson 7h
Replying to @stephane_ulrich
The does not deal with but circulates it
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Protocols Without Zion Apr 23
As always, this thought school ('antizionists, not anti-Semites) writes articles to defend the offenders, never the victims. They don't spare a thought for the abused, they struggle whole-heart, passionately, tooth & nail to exonerate the abuser.
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Becca 🇬🇧🇺🇸 13m
For the good people of the yes 2016 was a great year. It gave us Brits hope. Hope that we can follow suit & get the snivelling & out of the way from Downing Street!
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Campaign4Truth Apr 23
Why aren’t any of you commenting on the fact that met with at all underpinning the survival of the antisemitic ???
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Adam Campbell 11h
Replying to @amhitchens
And, for as long as continues to support and be friends with and exempt them from criticism, the will never gain followers.
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David Hamblin 🌹 📖 📢 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🇻🇦 Apr 23
One advocates a 'kinder, gentler politics' while the other wears a quote asserting that Tories are 'lower than vermin'... For more info on why this does actually make sense check out 's article for here:
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Nick Wilton Apr 23
Replying to @bobmca1 @Mossfieldlady
Gesture politics at its worst and another sign of how desperate have become. Populist opportunism!
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Nick Wilton 4h
Ridiculous! committed to respect the referendum result and are now reneging on that commitment and with it betraying all the Labour voters who voted Leave. They will express their frustration by voting as will I! Leave means leave!
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Glen Gair 2h
This is the reason why I suspect a large number of members, and to a degree the public too, just aren't trusting of politicians like who receive large donations. Is he speaking on behalf of the members/constituents or Gerrard? 🤷‍♂️
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Taylor_Fran 9h
He must have known how this would go down. Maybe he fell on his sword to give us the clearest warnings he could about how the Labour Party really stands on this and how freely it’s members are to speak honestly about their views.
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Chris J Keelty 22h
Replying to @DMinchellald
Still I know who received the biggest round of applause and it wasn't anyone from the not that I want to blow my own trumpet still we should all don't you agree for & the
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Bailey 🌹 Apr 16
I would like to formally announce that today I have joined . I may get hate for this, but frankly I don't care. I have taken a move I never thought I would, and for once am standing up for what I believe in.
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Ray Apr 23
Replying to @BrexitHome
It was hilarious 😂 I’m looking forward to reading the manifesto to see how squares the circle to appease his remain, PV & leave supporters. Stay on the fence Jeremy it suits us Brexiteers well.
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Luke Carlmain Apr 23
Margaret Thatcher arriving in Brighton for the Conservative party conference. Sadly missed Brighton 1984. The one who got away. 😂🤣
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Richard Blaber 2h
Replying to @Hephaestus7
Marsha de Cordova called the other day for the end of the . I agree with her, but she forgets who introduced it: the , which was responsible for the Welfare Reform Acts of 2007 & 2009, , & hiring to administer the WCA.
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John Strawson 3h
The is institutionally antisemitic and institutionally nepotistic
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Brid #FBPE Apr 24
I’m boiling mad! And I will NEVER forgive for their enabling of this catastrophe.
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Unite for Europe Apr 24
Never forgive & never forget how the & facilitate . Remember those 25 Labour MPs that are keen to let everyone know they will vote for May's deal. That would take the votes needed...
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