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Sfcbows 2m
Replying to @Jamin2g
If Little Owen Jones hears there’s a protest about something or a riot and it involves the Tories, he gets his Mum to stop what she’s doing and drop him in the middle of it as soon as possible
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Malcolm Cohen 12m
Come on more so called smears get you head out of the sand your party is a Jew hating bunch of lunatics hell bent of destroying the Jews living in the Uk but let me tell you here and now YOU WILL NOT WIN
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George Galloway Feb 13
The editor of the Mail on Sunday’s grandfather was Sir Oswald Moseley’s right hand man in the British Union of Fascists. The owner of the Mail Lord Rothermere was a friend of Hitler and funded the BUF. Jeremy ’s mother fought them at Cable St in 1936.
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Mahatma Gandhi Labour Institute 1h
The Library of M.G.L.I. came into existence in 1980 when the institute was established. It was established with a view to disseminating knowledge on Labour and related areas according to the needs.
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Ben Ashcroft 12h
I'm a fully signed up Labour Party Member. I'm proud of it too. Something I've thought about for along time as I believe in fairness & the many not few.. Now is the right time to join for me personally. I have my card now so it makes it real that I have actually done it.
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Helen  🇪🇺🇪🇭 59m
At the prospect of deselections the Beeb goes into overdrive. Tory deselections however-
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English Radical History Feb 14
At the 1906 general election, 29 MPs were elected to the House of Commons. This group included 2 engineers, 3 miners, 2 shipwrights, a shoemaker, a cooper, 2 textile workers, 2 gas workers, 2 railwaymen, 3 compositors, a steel smelter, a journalist and an iron moulder.
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Nigel Marriott 16h
I've updated my Parliamentary voting maze following the amendments. Bottom line, nothing has fundamentally changed but the factionalisation of & is now clearer. A deal still looks more likely than postponing /1
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George Galloway Feb 7
If I as a Labour MP had launched the kind of vile slanderous defamatory attacks on Tony Blair in the run-up to the War that launched today against I’d have been expelled from the party. I didn’t yet I was and remain so today
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Russell B. Hamilton #FBPE #RevokeArticle50 18h
Replying to @jeremycorbyn @UKLabour
Assisted by
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Gareth 24h
The "Democratic Communist Party" (or ) ladies and gentlemen
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Essex Baby Show 13m
A fascinating video demonstrating the way contractions work and how they're different from braxton hicks
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Trevor Stables 🔶️#FBPE🇬🇧🇫🇷🇪🇺 🔶️ 19m
Here is abstaining yet again....sat on their arses while and vote to Revoke Article 50 if no deal.
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Sfcbows 13h
Replying to @kenaidel @Jamin2g
Bless Little Owen Jones. The mob were chanting the name of his hero. Owen can sleep well tonight. Any idea why the “children” weren’t at school today?
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beaufort 18h
Ok but voters will desert party.
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Privatepike 17h
Replying to @jeremycorbyn
Dont worry your councils are doing their part and allowing building on the green belts .
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John Hopper 16h
the dignity of labour a small stop motion film...
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Constant Elects 11h
It has been reported in the media recently that some and MPs are preparing to form a new centrist political party. Does British politics need a new “third way” party?
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Neil Innes Burns Feb 13
2nd May remember in Frome to vote
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Tolu Adeleke-Aire 18h
Replying to @ToluTheMidwife
Keeps babies calm and reduces crying. Being swaddled keeps babies’ cosy which mimics the conditions in the uterus. We would recommend you are shown how to swaddle your baby by your midwife before attempting to do so.
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