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* W. Brett Wilson * Nov 16
“Half a dozen pipeline protesters block trucks headed for Burnaby tank farm” | ⁦⁩ Headline should have read “Half a dozen assholes arrested for illegally trespassing - will enjoy month in jail waiting for hearing”
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Robert Cooper 🌊 Nov 16
Ivanka is starting to prepare her kids for Jared and grandpa Donald’s departures for prison.
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CHRIS STEWART BLOWS THE ROOF OFF THE FAKE IMPEACHMENT!! TOTAL HOAX. SHAME ON SCHIFF LOCK BIDEN UP .............. Thank you to the real American heroes like Jim Jordan and John Ratcliffe for standing up to full blown Democratic Corruption.
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T. Mobbish Nov 16
Stephen Miller's emails confirm that this President and his administration is RACIST along with being corrupt;
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Benjamin Thomas 🦖 Nov 12
If I buy a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses from Amazon, I still did business with Ray-Ban...I simply asked someone else delivered the goods.
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Black Dick Nixon #ImpeachTrump + #LockHimUp! 😷 Nov 13
Two fucking pos scumbag dictators
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Big Fat Ugly Bubble Nov 15
The has become very bold & daring, stealing more of our money each day. There’s no limit to how much money they will print now. They know their days are numbered & they just want to see what they can get away with. They don’t even try to hide it anymore. Time to .
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QAnon Nov 10
MASS ARREST AND ALSO THE BIGGEST MASS AWAKENING IS IN SIGHT! “Honey I’m running to the store for more Popcorn .” Enjoy the show😁
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SGaut Nov 15
The only people around Trump who aren’t in Jail or going to Jail is his Kids! Congress, do your Job! SDNY, please Investigate The Trump Children. You already nailed their crooked asses on the Trump Foundation
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Tax Justice South Africa Nov 14
One place he could start is by convicting the gangsters who make a fortune selling illegal cigarettes. According to , 80% of illegal tobacco in SA is produced by manufacturers that are based or have a presence in here.
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Trump waved at the crowd in . People Booed and cheered and at least one person is heard shouting "LOCK HIM UP"
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Samantha Nov 15
Replying to @JoeNBC
Karma has finally arrived for !
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michelle carroll Nov 14
Replying to @TheRynheart
Amazing how they become BrainDead after Trump tells them what he has on them!
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Shelly57 Nov 17
BOOM! Save room for the biggest crook of all!
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Marg Bartlett💪😄❤️🇨🇦😘 Nov 15
Absolutely incredibly toxic POTUS & his posse starting with Rudy Giuliani. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch was courageous & cool under pressure while POTUS Donald Trump tweeted out against her. Testimony keeps revealing Republican soap opera liars. 🇺🇸
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TheStaunchAmerican Nov 16
The true picture of what government corruption looks like to you and I. Can please open a case on this and assign a forensic accountant to trace the origin of these funds?!?
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Nancy Erika Smith Nov 16
Trump surrounds himself with criminals because he is one.
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Bob Scheurle Nov 15
Replying to @CNN
Crooks, every last one of them.
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Angry daughter 14h
Okay we'll do our best to ! Your dad and your brother that is!
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Robert Italia Nov 13
Replying to @2020MAGAQuake @pjpaton
Naughty naughty Democrats.
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