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Sundo 💧 Aug 8
Resign? Dan Andrews should just be thanked and supported. Fck the and complicit MSM playing politics while people are dying. We won't forget.
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THE Russell - Wash your hands with SOAP! Aug 5
When asked why the Commonwealth has prevented Broader Farce officers from appearing before the Inquiry, Dutton says he will not allow 'his officers' to be 'besmirched' by an inquiry or anyone else.
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THE Russell - Wash your hands with SOAP! Aug 12
Reynolds has been caught out lying and is not fit to occupy a position in Australia'a Ministry. She MUST resign.
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💧 Dr Rhonda Garad Aug 10
Great article by Both quarantine and Aged Care 's responsibilities but marketing spin has redirected blame to Cynical ploy and will come undone.
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Cat Perry ♿️ Aug 11
??? WTF is this puerile shit? The propaganda machine is out of control. It needs to be put down. Remember how 2000+ people died after getting notices? The are the professional killers in this country.
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Sundo 💧 22h
Desperately incompetent, infighting State Oppositions in VIC and QLD. How good's Opposition!
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Paul 6h
Is it just me, or is just making up the numbers? For God's Sake - get on the attack and reveal to all and sundry the that is the government.
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Rev Dr Stephanie Dowrick Aug 6
Replying to @andrewprobyn
Hugely grateful for your informed, ethical persistence - not easy in this time when "speech" (reporting, questioning) politicians, commentators and especially is decidedly UNfree.
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Tony Sowersby Aug 12
Due to seven years of federal budget cuts (now totaling $783 million) by the the has announced it will be combining its popular gardening shows and British crime dramas.
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John Jennings Aug 6
Replying to @jeff_kennett
Perfect description of the Federal Government. "... and now unanswerable to the public that elected them."
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🛳 🤦‍♂️ 😷 Jeremy McCartin 8h
Replying to @MargaretSimons @theage
IMHO the ADF thing was initially driven by Neil Mitchell. It was a way of accusing a centre left state government of being "ideologically" opposed to ADF assistance. The rest of the media locked in. We all know how horny the are for the army. Look at the War Memorial...
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💧Geoff Gordon 😱 Aug 12
The Government doesn’t like to plan - privatise & forget. ‘For Australia, though, effective planning is too important to be left to our self-absorbed, short-termist politicians. We need an independent, well funded Planning Commission.’ via
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QueerRevolution 47m
Replying to @JohnRHewson
Casual workers who have been denied and by the are taking their lives. Another 2000 took their lives over How many must die in these class wars before and his the are given the boot?
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Chris Salisbury Aug 12
Fun fact: assuming Deb Frecklington holds her position until Qld’s election in October, she’ll be first LNP leader to see out a full term in opposition since party’s formation in 2008, and first coalition leader in Qld to do so since Lawrence Springborg in 2004-06
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Patricia Rutherford Aug 12
Replying to @Tank9999
Stop using that hashtag. It's a lie.
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RenewableNOW Aug 12
My takeaways 1. Brendan Murphy is really on pay as lobbying consultant, should not be on APS Fed Health Dept payroll. 2. Community transmission in gen. pop is blamed for high aged care death rate from Covid-19 looking bad! ?
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💧 Rowan Rafferty Aug 12
There may have been a mistake with online this AM. He sounded leader-of-Australia ish. If he really means what he says, he could back it up by telling Labor State colleagues to STFU & stop treating like a State-of-Origin game.
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💧😷Tamsyn Blythe 21h
Indeed it seems that the sustained and attacks on Dan Andrews are aimed at distracting voters from the massive failure at the federal level
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Antony Turrisi 9h
The should do the opposite and provide EVERYONE who desires a degree FREE access WHY ????? Imagine all the local entrepreneurs in a few years generating BREAKTHROUGH solutions to SPEED up the ECONOMIC RECOVERY the country desperately needs.
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Carla Muse 8h
Looks from the list of FED funded nursing homes Vic that many providers are religious style 'not for profit' R making billions tax free in RW system in aged care. His motto take from vulnerable give to church make them richer. donor creation program?
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