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💧 Left of Labor 3h
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Henry The Hoarse Whisperer 5h
Replying to @LiberalAus
5- Blame 6-Privatising welfare payments Blame Labor 7-Defunding Blame 8-Want to put aged pensioners on Blame 9-Defunding public schools but increasing funding to private schools Blame Your turn
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Duchess Frida 2h
Replying to @davrosz
Morrison is fake! When he talks, I’m disgusted by his constant spin & dishonesty. He has to ‘sell’ everything (‘cos his pretend policies are crap) with spin, obfuscation & outright dishonesty, blaming as he goes. He and his buddies are ruining Australia for us all!
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Jane Pepper 1h
Replying to @AnthonyCole68
Anyone who takes no interest in the community or the responsibilities of a citizen in a . Oh, and vote Adani -Gina-Twiggy... I mean . Similar to the age old male fantasy of the compliant, silent wife.
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Gaye Crispin 2h
To quote : The are policy deadbeats' with no vision of where Australia fits in the world. walks around with a lump of coal, which is a fossil just like him - a in a baseball cap.
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💧Vince Wight 5m
Cuz a surplus will save us from record debt and a tanking local and world economy. The surplus we have to have to save us from the vandalism of the economy.
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Bloo Roo 14m
Replying to @rainey_knight
Because the understand Sweet Fanny Adams about economic affairs!
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Eartheater8750 4h
I also hope Australia will wake from a slumber of political apathy and recognise that we have a government that does not have the ideals of everyday Australians at heart. The are owned by the hard right Murdoch/Newscorp mouthpiece.
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Eustace Scrubber 4h
media claims of “inaction” by ignore the impetus to punish our most vulnerable.
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💧Vince Wight 8m
So more propaganda for reelection of the at taxpayers expense.
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Rob 3h
Don't let liars educate you. are a bunch of corrupted and self (with some mates thrown in) serving party. Start demanding change. Write to your Fed Mp and demand change. They are supposed to bevworking for us!
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Trevor Moorfield 3h
Replying to @CatPurry9
And obediently vote because their parents did.
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Henry The Hoarse Whisperer 6h
People are so cruel saying the gov has no policies 1- privatisation of Blame 2-Withholding funds Blame 3-No stimulus spending aka RBA advice to boost economy Blame 4-No recognition Uluru SFTH Blame Your turn
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💧Michael Reid 2h
Replying to @SeanBradbery
I have to disagree a little. I think she is one of the few politicians that actually say what they mean. I think she thinks her heart is in the right place and she probably represents her party members better than the do. Spot on with the racism and bullshit solutions tho!
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Gina Morris 19h
Indue welfare card card is not social progress by It financially benefits Twig Forest mining magnate and creates a second class of citizen - labelled by using the card. It’s not social welfare. It’s social division. Ugly policy
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Daniel Best Oct 15
. Speaker once again instructs the House that answers do not need be relevant to the question. Lunatics running the asylum.
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Master-Synaps 6h
It's another scam to fleece the nation. There is getting to be a lot on the list now. are harvest contractors for the of our Democracy
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AGrasshopper 4h
One day = One day Niki Sava Next week Van Onselen Then. All over again ...the balanced view Thanks
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lia 4h
How is it that the has ANY financial credibility??
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💧Tamsyn Blythe 3h
Living standards are falling year after year under & all they care about is slashing spending to create a budget surplus while taxpayers suffer. But the only reason for a budget surplus is to slow the economy in order to control inflation.
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