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@DublinActivist Palestine Sep 12
“It was pretty clear that the Israelis were responsible,”..... Why? Don't they trust all the information that et al, is giving them?
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. They teach to butter his rusk
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Bucephalus Development, LC 7h
Honestly, why is famous? He’s just another like the Brothers and that -work dude.
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H.S. Bernstein 8h
Life, Liberty and Levin. Fox has its token Jews. Just like has in .
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@BabyGirl Sep 10
is a America is no longer safe. The give away classified material. Check out with the
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Cali Reign Sep 10
... Figure out how yet???
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Ali Raza Khimji Gowa Sep 7
Replying to @State_SCA @isro and 3 others
where is ? It's time to make billions$$$ let's offer a deal to bastard can help to achieve what fuckn they want to achieve 😜 Trump means business, pay me xxx and get NASA help to get mission accomplished Live on TV 👍
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Chi2 😎✌🇺🇸 Sep 8
😎✌🇺🇸 What I don't understand is how the fuck this is allowed to happen!!? &a are not qualified for international diplomacy! She's a fashion designer & he's, I don't know WTF he is!!
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Insight EAP LLC Sep 12
in Bibi’s pocket $$$
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Mad Woman Sep 12
No,but is rumored to contain the info Trump turned over to the Russians...and some goodies off the infamous couple's private phones they use for gov business they don't really have the clearances for. Does that bother your little pea-picking sycophantic soul?
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and the livin's easy Sep 7
is so corrupt. This presidency is all about enriching himself, and his businesses. is BIGLY on the take too.
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Alfredo Velázquez Sep 12
Replying to @BetteMidler
Hope the turnover reach
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Amelbil Saunders 17h
Replying to @real_defender
You do know that the & families have done the same things, right? Right?
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Trending Left ⬅️ Sep 11
Exclusive: tells GOP it needs to unify behind immigration plan | TheHill
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(((what2hell))) Sep 11
Maybe can become The Secretary of PoorHouses
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Politicaleeerrected Sep 5
Trump's Mideast peace plan is a lot like GunsNRoses Chinese Democracy, when it's finally released, it will suck even worse than anyone imagined.
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Amelbil Saunders Sep 10
Replying to @TimOBrien
Will or become the new ? Taking bets now...
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Todd Talks Sep 12
Replying to @dlippman
Israel also has assets in the White House too!
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Deirdre Jones 22h
Replying to @rgoodlaw
Wondering, as most of us, if it's Jared
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Teresa Parrish Sep 13
WHOOT.. No they will call us who will Fight for just as did. We will Fight for Our Families and Our Future. (and if TRUMP can’t be arrested can’t ? He negotiated the $3.6 BILLION deal w and WHERE ARE
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