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David Hogan Jr 8 Nov 17
Mount Kinabalu Explained in this amazing photo by John Kong.
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Masidi Manjun 8 Mar 18
193 people at Panalaban are now on their way down to Timpohon/Kinabalu Park Hq; 130 climbers, 42 mountain guides, 6 members of mountain search & rescue team (MOSAR), 4 porters & 5 Sabah Parks staff. Landslides occurred at some sections of the trail but passable. tremor
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floravitro Apr 10
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Lying on the foothills of Mt. Kinabalu, the Desa Dairy Farm is a green pasture spread across gently rolling hills. The café at Desa Dairy Farm is indeed a table with a view: Highly recommended for families and kids.
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floravitro Apr 2
growing as an on a layer of moss. @ 3000 m a.s.l.
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Kinabalu National Park is ideal for those wishing to trek through scenic landscapes and observe the country’s nature and wildlife.
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Priyaranjan Kumar Mar 5
One doesn’t conquer mountains, you cross personal thresholds. Mountains are metaphors , for what can be. Blessed for Tuhan Kinabalu to have allowed us to experience his majesty and beauty ⁦ 🤗 🙏 ⁦
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Alexandre Narbert Dec 17
Early morning sunrise from Bukit Botak featuring Mount Kinabalu
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WOW!!! Spectacular cloud covering Mount on on the 25th July! Photo via
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Nicolas Rakotopare Feb 21
Kuhl's Creek Frog (Limonectes kuhli) - They have a hardened process, which can be used in defence and is sharp enough to pierce the skin and draw blood. The only frog that has ever made me bleed. Photographed near the HQ of Mt Kinabalu NP
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Harold M G Dec 20
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Assim Al Kiyumi Apr 7
Tb to an unforgettable experience peak. I think i need to plan for another peak very soon 😍
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ramblingj Apr 7
Going to Kota Kinabalu, try these awesomeThings to Do in Kota Kinabalu
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David Hogan Jr Apr 10
Beautiful view of Mount Kinabalu in Sabah, taken from the Kinabalu Park.
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David Hogan Jr Jan 24
When you visit Kinabalu National Park in , do make a stop at the Climbers Memorial, in honor of the 18 people that perished in the 2015 Sabah Earthquake.
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K.Fitri Apr 19
Waking up to this majestic view 😍😍😍
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Derek Freal Oct 16
Replying to @hizzacc
Cannot believe I a month in including 2x trips to Kundasang right past the entrance yet still have not yet made it up Kinabalu 😩 📍 from Sabah Tea Gardens
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Fulfill your dream - reach new peaks and visit the wonderful . Mount Kinabalu will surprise you with incredible views and emotions, you`ll feel when reaching new heights:
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SCOTT Running Dec 5
For us traction is one of the key elements when designing a new shoe. Here's a collection of our latest outsole and traction solutions for mountain, ultra, trail and road running.
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SCOTT Running Jan 25
We're sharing this again because it's one of our most amazing photos from the past season. And it's where our trail collection takes its name from, the majestic Mt. Kinabalu in Malaysia. 📷: Lloyd Belcher
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