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Andy Overs Apr 15
En route to . Looking for some decent music or podcast recommendations for the 9 hr flight
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Pavel 1h
Replying to @pvl0101
I think only several years of galloping inflation which will wipe out 's "middle class" as we know it is, will finally teach Kenyans that governance isn't all (tribal) fun and games. Everybody be cool, we're getting there.
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Marshpride_safaris_ltd 20h
Take a ride with me❤
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Boniface Mwangi Apr 17
A motorcycle rider is being threatened with a pistol. He fearlessly keeps pushing his bike because he knows all the police want is to impound his bike so that he can pay a bribe to get it back. is a jungle, the innocent are hunted daily.
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Kenya 🇰🇪 11m
Lamu West MP Julius Ndegwa may face eviction from his Nyali residence if he fails to clear rent arrears amounting to Ksh 140,000, a children's court ordered.
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RT Apr 20
Man BUILDS a ROAD for his neighborhood after being ignored by the government in ,
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Denise O'Toole 13h
Important information for 🇰🇪
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Samuel  Mwangi Apr 19
Effects of drought in
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Kenya Airways Loses 130 Pilots to Middle East Carriers:
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🇰🇪Sabdhio Apr 21
A picture I took after hiking up one of the many hills. Beautiful Hurri Hills
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Meet the Ardent Golf-Playing Catholic Priests of Nakuru:
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High School Students Prefer Sex, Drugs, Clubbing During Holidays - Research:
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Hassan Abdullahi Aalim 54m
There is something wrong with N&N administration which can't be denied at all but the truth of the matter is these oposition gathered in to overthrow N&N at a time when & have huge disbute over Somali maritime can be treason which is worrysome.
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Ghetto Radio 2h
What makes it difficult to discover & nurture your talent especially in ? 1)Exposure 2)Our Educ curriculum 3)Lack of parent support 4)Finance
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Omulabae Apr 19
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Sh40 Billion Kipevu Tender Given to Outlawed Firm:
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Ndung'u Wainaina 10h
"A staggering Sh725 billion was spent outside the government’s expenditure system in 2014 when took its first Eurobond, making it impossible to prove how the loan was spent"- A special report prepared by Auditor-General
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Abdishukri Haybe Apr 17
"I look after my camels in the land between Dawa region and Wajir of to the vicinity of Kismayo and up to Elbarde of Bakool region, no one asks me for ID Card/Passport and I'm a citizen of any land where my camel can get pasture and water ." -Mohamud 70
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Trendy Afrika Apr 21
Magical Sunsets are made in 📍Amboseli National Park, 📸.aditya
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Kenya Begins Early Campaign For UN Security Council Seat:
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