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Gourav Nov 10
I wish Kamlesh Tiwari were alive to witness this calmness.
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Harshil Mehta (હર્ષિલ મહેતા) Nov 10
Wikipedia has page on created by me.
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Ravi Kant - रवि कांत 🕉️ Nov 8
Replying to @HMOIndia @MEAIndia
In the last few years, evolved into a full-blown Islamist He even justified the Jihadi murder of There are many more likes of him must review the entire list of OCI cardholders and clean the filth
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Rajeev Kusugal 13h
What imagine? They already showed what will happen with
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Nishant Azad/निशांत आज़ाद🇮🇳 Nov 4
The dastardly and cowardly act of murdering clearly reflects the danger of rising jihadi mindset of Muslims in Bharat, writes
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Arvind Nov 11
Replying to @RanaAyyub
Scums like u dont want ppl to grow byond religion Many ppl dont want to continue d reIigions of their fathers but scums like u wont allow them 2 denounce otherwise Look @ A Rehman, no MusI!m majority country will allow a MsIim denouncing ReIigion & getting famous
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Human (इंसान) Nov 7
Specially for u darling, murder case
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हिमांशु सिंह चौहान Nov 7
Replying to @selinasenwrites
Heard of slaughtering? I hope you have.
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Sage 23h
After the murder, I have religious followed the Economic Boycott. I actively seek Hindu vendors n service providers to give them business,even if it takes some effort to locate them. Have asked family to do so too. U cannt hate me n my people n have my money too
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Dreamer 🧢🦋🧩💎 Nov 11
Replying to @msmsaifullah
Supreme Court was treading cautiously that’s y for 1st time judge’s name who wrote judgment not mentioned. Some Jihadi mindset might try to harm him. Remember ASI team led by BB Lal & KK Mohammad gave enough evidence. It’s not secret that invaders destroyed temples
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Parag Liya Nov 11
Who killed , who attacked RSS goons ?
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Arya Sanatani Nov 6
just sorry. sorry toh ji bol sakte the. no action against him?
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Arvind Nov 9
Replying to @babubasu @SrBachchan
Sir, in same episode you mentioned an arabic man's name whose contribution to India is negative. Why media is too alert when it comes to Arabic Man, his Ideology, & his Book?? Even today u may not be at fault but u could've highlighted d mistake
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@bivashprasad1 Nov 10
Replying to @Piyushj50810954
Jai ho ji ki, he had done a splendid work for the Hindus and the Ram mandir movement. Now he is no more in the world. As such he had gone to heavenly abode in peace. Hey Ram Sat- Sat Naman
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HumHindustani🇮🇳 Nov 10
Certainly more than Too many "Jihadis" roaming around with hate in their hearts! Killing "Kafirs" seems to b their goal in life!
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Between LINES 20h
Fakers when was killed by radicalised muslim not a word When oasi spread hindu muslim hate Qs our supreme court holes sealed Almost 50k temples plundred by radical muslim in kashmir holes sealed, terrorist killed 6 people in j&k , grenade attacks by terrorist
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Truthsayer Nov 8
Oh puhleeze, , give it a rest ! When was recently butchered to death by , this , so far from condemning the murder, actually called upon to unite, and "organize" against the .
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b k barada Nov 6
Traitor never condemned his brother for threatening to kill all Hindus if police removed for 15m. He openly says yakub memon won't hv bn hanged had there bn 50 MPs in Sansad.He openly excites radicals to kill . Yet he claims to be a patriot. Any takers?
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Abhishek Sharma Nov 5
A Delhi resident jihadi md. absar threatening abhishek Anand to kill and is sleeping like that is your destiny poor Hindus we can't help. That jihadi should be arrested asap. The same way ji was threatened by maulvi but no one
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Pritri 🇮🇳 9h
What about unapologetic-vocal Hindu voice who ws butchered because he disturbed the Muslim jihadi narrative What abt ..You shdnt have problem with them either..don't talk abt facts & stfu
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