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Ꭿndead † Jan 31
I barely have any time to make a decent video for Kami's birthday but I think what matters is that I made it heartily (´;ω;`) Happy birthday to our dear butterfly 🦋
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Sugar 🌹『Addict 』❌🇯🇵🐼 Jun 20
my drawings of Kami 🦋 all very old😅
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Ꭿndead † 13 Sep 18
My niece loves her butterfly wings even more because.... KAMI 🦋 .
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Ꭿndead † 9 Sep 18
My niece recognized Kami through the fanart I made when the Au Revoir MV was playing on our tv and was like "ohhh he's the one who passed away and turned into a butterfly" ugh my senti heart .
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