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Daniel LaFavers 😎 Sep 18
Keep and carry on!
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| ashley c. dinney | 🏴‍☠️ Sep 14
Hey Ladies! Grab Him By The Ballot. 🗳️ 🏴‍☠️
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Vicki Dillard Sep 19
‼️You heard it here first‼️ topics are gonna be 🔥 next week 👉🏾 & more! Tune into 📺 :30pm EST WEEKDAYS!
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LezResist Sep 18
This is wild - my wife ordered these as a surprise for me weeks ago, and they literally just arrived.
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Patrick Henningsen Sep 18
Replying to @21WIRE
Straight from the horse's mouth, essentially: 'Barack and I let off elite drug use in NYC & DC, but came down hard on blacks using crack. One of our Administration's great achievements'. Like too.
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Andy Lee Parker (yes, ma'am) #VoteNoEvil Sep 19
I can't wait to see what look like! Will there be mimosas afterwards? What about during? Will they call to see what shoes to wear to the event first?
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Łitecoin Bull | The News Before The News! Sep 15
yup! Kamala Harris farted during a live AZ campaign interview. Before You Call me Childish, Yes, She Even Lifted Her Cheeks So It Would Not Make That "Squeeek" Noise On The Way Out! 🤣
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tommiebrewster© 3h
Replying to @Goodboygoo1
Excuse me - you need to watch this.
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Feral Sep 20
Replying to @IsaacDovere
You call this a "photo op"??? YOu are so desperate to throw shade at - this is a woman doing all she can to NOT make it about her as she mourns someone she was probably very close to & is in grief over. You can barely recognize her. What a horrible human being you are.
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American Negro Mis-Education Camp Fugitive 23h
Replying to @blackoutkast
Trump should nominate conservative U.S. DC Court of Appeals Judge Neomi Jehangir Rao. Born in Detroit to physician parents from India. Attended U. of Chicago. She & her husband practice Judiasm. Detriot, Chicago, India, Jewish, privileged life.. That's Black, right?🤔
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Helen Sep 17
People cheering for exiting a jet with "timbs" on is so annoying bc (a) she's not a goddamn celeb; she needs to offer us serious policies to improve our lives & (b) those aren't even the right timbs
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Vote Queen 🌊🌊🌊 Sep 12
Donald Trump meditates on @ rally 🧘‍♂️ 🧘‍♂️
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Cat Soluna 🇨🇦 Sep 17
Channeling my inner Kamala today. And every other fierce ass woman out there.
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Beth Hecht 23h
What shoes are she wearing today? Those deplaning videos are gold!
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#FLA4BidenHarris2020 💖🇺🇸🏛️ Sep 18
Replying to @girlsreallyrule
Yes and you know will make them cry just like she did !
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jay sea 12h
I'd really like to see & do a rally together
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Carol Sep 17
Shout out to ‘s Prop47 that de-prioritized property & business owners’ rights & made it A-OK for criminals to steal up to $950 of merch w/no prison time. It’s a free-for-all as u can see fr:my friend’s video. Vote to have this fun come to your state too!
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abann95 Sep 15
is upping her shoe game.
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Rita Brent Sep 16
Let’s go, , the next VP of the U.S.! Classy, cool, collected! Make my song your official Kam-them! Stream/download “Kamala” by Rita Brent!
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Psychic Kenneth Sep 12
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