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Neil 🇺🇸 Ⓥ Aug 14
Replying to @nema
This was from Derby Festival. I just don't remember the details. 🤔
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Jacqueline Coleman Aug 10
When I’m in Bardstown, I’m usually helping run a high school or coach a basketball team. But this morning, we're doing something a little different: getting ready to knock on doors! Nothing beats old-fashioned canvassing to win every vote.
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Morgan Eaves Aug 12
In a way, it’s nice they have each other. But I’ll stick with a candidate () who keeps the focus on local issues, thanks.
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#ThePersistence May 21
Republican Governor Matt Bevin won the primary election in Kentucky.
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Philmonger Aug 15
Replying to @GovMattBevin
. says regulations are hurting the agricultural world. And how he wants to cut 30% of those. Pivots to veterans and how 1.5 million have died for Americans to vote. "Vote your values, and that will tell you where to go," he says.
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Andy Beshear 14h
Replying to @AndyBeshearKY
And the best way to stop this craziness once and for all is to beat Matt Bevin in November. Instead of these threats and bullying, I'll be a governor who values public education and respects our teachers.
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Monica Harkins ABC 36 8h
Replying to @ABC36News
This afternoon the KY labor cabinet says over 1,000 teachers broke the law when they called in sick. Saying each teacher could be fined up to $1,000 for each day rallying at the Capitol.
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Morgan Eaves Aug 15
He’s shown he doesn’t respect educators, public employees or children. Add his own Lt Gov to the list of people he’s thrown to the wayside (along with the rule of law). Why give this guy another 4 years to disrespect KY? We need and .
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Emily Zantow 13h
. is currently making an announcement about discretionary funding at the Glasgow City Hall. Stay tuned for updates via
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Eric Hyers Aug 13
Hey : Sign stealing is always dumb, no matter who does it. But really with stealing my yard sign? In August? In broad daylight? Let's all be better.
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Michael Malone 17h
used her as a prop to make himself look good then sidelined her after taking office & dropped her from the ticket in desperation to fire up the MAGA crowd amid sagging polling numbers ... but will have the last laugh!
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Eric Hyers Aug 10
Lines of volunteers at field offices getting their packets and lit before they hit the doors for and Gonna be a good day...
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Shambra Mulder Aug 15
Kentucky’s Attorney General gets results!
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Andy Beshear Aug 15
Matt Bevin is already the most unpopular governor in the country. Now, he has the additional distinction of being the only one to be sued by his own hand-picked lieutenant governor.
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Neil 🇺🇸 Ⓥ 2h
"The new filing also reveals that at least half of the planned $200 million investment in the mill by Russian aluminum giant United Company Rusal -- which was announced in April."
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Medium Buying Aug 15
: Preserve, Protect and Defend is staying up on TV. Schedules now booked through 8/22
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Republican Party of Kentucky 20h
We're just 24 hours out from our annual Lincoln Dinner! Come join Gov. , , , and more as we rally with our grassroots supporters to remind everyone why it's important we win in November! Buy your tickets here:
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Mike Lonergan 17h
According to the latest data from the KY Board of Elections, more than 112,000 voters have registered since Gov. took office - while more than half of that total left
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American Bridge 20h
This week has been another reminder that Crooked is the most corrupt Governor in the country
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David Turner 21h
When I draft a re-elect messaging calendar, I always make sure to add in "Sued by my Lt. Gov." in August. Pretty standard.
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