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Wildcats Abroad Sep 6
K-State students love to share their pride for K-State all around the globe. Here are some students Wabashing in front of the 2,000 year old Roman Aqueduct in Segovia, Spain during their Summer in Spain program.
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K-State Modern Languages Sep 21
What are some of your favorite meals or experiences abroad? Tag us in a picture from your ... this one is Lauren’s from
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Kansas State Spanish Sep 10
11am-1pm tomorrow, wed 9/11... stop by Justin Hall’s Hoffman Lounge for the Study Abroad Fair to learn about studying in 🇪🇸 May 23-June 25, 2020. Meet students from the trip, ask…
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K-State Modern Languages Sep 18
students representing Modern Languages at the Undergraduate Research Fair yesterday. Bailey and Emory did research in Spain this summer with , and French students are translating diaries of a WWI soldier
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