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Progressive Railroading 3h
As AVP of network design, Olivia Daily is responsible for coordinating and implementing the design of the train plan Kansas City Southern operates on a daily basis.
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upaymeup Aug 7
Perpetual futures traded on Kucoin"s futures exchange Kumex are I believe better than Binance. Use my referral code if you want to open an account & trade these contracts, just make sure you have good risk management strategy to preserve capital
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Azim Akhtar Aug 7
I want to buy more KCS Please fill the Gap (Blue)
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@CryptoNeeng Aug 6
Chart 1W of ready bullrun at level 55-85% Profit
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Kiran 7h
Replying to @bitbns
is next token. Even first i thought other coin but u clearly mentioned a token My gues is kcs
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Check out the market moves on last week (0727-0802) The price of , hit a new yearly high, pumped more than 30%! 🚀 Trade here:
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Mitch Carter 12h
Starting a new chapter in my life!!
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CoinKit 12h
Replying to @SmartCryptoNew1
Monetizing is set up for this Tweet! The next 150 Users will each receive 25 satoshi from SmartCryptoNew1 for their retweet. The keyword is - Use it in 'retweet with comment' to receive the coins!
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Andrew Gilliam Aug 7
A searchable written in the context of the end user, customer or employee, can be great for internal communication, too. Apply the same service discipline you use for external customers to those you serve inside your organization. & can help!
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Check out the market moves on last week (0803-0809) Did you catch the pump? 🤑 🚀 Trade on the go:
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The days of a siloed mindset between business units and their service providers is over, and the principles of and Guiding Principles will be vital, says
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upaymeup Aug 9
Hurry Up to Claim a Referral Bonus with Me
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Sukhan 10h
Will there be more options for fixed lending or will KuCoin be moving forward using the flexible option?
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🗣️ AMA Announcements 🎙️ 🗣️ One of the leading crypto exchange in the world, will join a Session with on August 12, 2020 ℹ️ INFO mon 25 150 BTC
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crypto vip signal 13h
Crypto VIP Signal™ will host AMA with on 12th Aug. Top 5 Best questions gets 100$ reward Submit question and Follow Rules Rules: # Like,retweet & tag 2 friends # follow & Join- mon 1 1111
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Al Vannux 13h
Replying to @cryptopigmedia
There are three: Zilliqa (), QuarkChain () and KuCoin Shares (). Two are really high potentials and KuCoin is the best exchange in the world.
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TQ Crypto Aug 9
breaks back above 20-day moving average: Sentiment: Neutral /BTC
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pro accessio Aug 5
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pro accessio Aug 4
We're gonna get you, you snitch... is serious ! -ta
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