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Dr. Rich McCormick for Congress Jan 22
Remember when they did this to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh? Total smear campaign on lies and false accusations
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Hansen for Congress (IA-01) 9h
New Jersey was rocking tonight! We will ; we will!!! 👍❤️🇺🇸💯
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Debbie D'Souza Jan 24
The Democrats have: 1) Quoted scripture 2) Quoted the Constitution 3) Evoked the founders This is all very uncharacteristic of them 🤷🏻‍♀️ look at the lengths they are willing to go all in the name of removing 😉
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Trucker Jan 26
This is why I support 8 more years! 4 extra for putting up with all the crap the Dems have thrown over the last 3.
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First time I was able to vote being 21 and didn’t disappoint..
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Hansen for Congress (IA-01) 10h
Let’s go ! We can’t wait to host all of you here in next Monday. Your use of campaign data points is impressive & we look forward to your that night! will be out in force to support you. 🇺🇸
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Dr. Rich McCormick for Congress Jan 23
Anyone else excited to see President Trump's legal team get started???🇺🇸
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Anton Sakharov 🇺🇸 Jan 21
Another great weekend coming up fighting to turn WA red! Thursday: Pend Oreille County Event Friday: Republican Club in Spokane Saturday morning: Kitsap Debates Saturday-Sunday: Roanoke Conference Fighting hard for
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Steve Johnson Jan 27
Replying to @JackPosobiec
Take it to the voting booth in November Patriots. We will get the last laugh once again 🇺🇲🙌🏻
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Raenna Jan 22
If you don’t follow the real news ... I may retweet things you should know ....
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Baharak 14h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Thank You dear Mr.President for what you have done for our Nation. We Love You. ♥️🇺🇸🙋🏻‍♀️
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Duane Hennen🇺🇸 for U.S. Congress Jan 23
Come out and join us at the Summit County Gun Show this Saturday and Sunday! Enter to WIN great prizes! .
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JoanneWrightForCongress Jan 25
George Soros is a psychotic sociopathic narcissist who thinks he’s the Wizard of Oz in some Marvel film in his head...But much more dangerous. Smart people think he’s simply a philanthropist. But he’s right, the 2020 election will dictate the direction of our future. 🙏🏼
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PARIS Jan 21
💥 The ground game, digital and financial resources of this are unmatched. You add this to President ’s impressive record of accomplishments equals victory in 2020!
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Christine Valerio 54m
Great ad! I'm sure there will be more like to come!
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AlottaPower 13h
Bolton admits he’d lie under Oath!! He can’t be trusted!
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If you're not following my friend you're really missing out. One my very favorites on Twitter Rena has amazing tweets. She's a supporter of , recently retweeted by him. You'll be happy you followed her. 6X RT'd
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CandyJerseyGirl Jan 27
Replying to @charliekirk11
We’re going to change NJ to a RED state in November!!
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JoanneWrightForCongress Jan 24
Thanks, Antonio! Your daily encouragement is great! I'm the first Republican running in the greater metropolitan Los Angeles area....since 2012! My dream is to solve homelessness with my brother, 1. Problem 2. Solution
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dandillion 20h
Replying to @joelpollak
The democratic party defense well at best is a fantasy made up to what ever they decide. They don't have a leg to stand on and who'll fall flat on it's face. They definitely don't have the votes in the Senate and they know it. Let the people decide
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