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Andrea Peace 18h
Out of the mouth of babes .... conversation with my 4 year old niece today “Aunty, why do you always have that stuff on your face” .... permatan? Tangoed? 😢
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Brravehart 🇨🇦 Oct 7
Replying to @Franklin_Graham
“Why he chose to try to the crime when Kavanaugh’s entire defense is that he never did it wasn't just unnecessary, it exposed ’s truly .”
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virender giri 20h
time ............................I don't Know the he the role of whether the Origin story of is Quite very different to the original story..............
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Open Platform #CCC 9h
Replying to @MthuliNcube @povozim
Cde Minister! 1. If I stole 1500 from Barclays I'm send to prison. steal, tax base is widened. 2. Gvt wants to outsource, tenders invited. When comes to to national debt no justification, taxes imposed. &dislose
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Shan J Oct 9
Replying to @SwiggyCares
All ears for you if that helps you to the reason.
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Ameta Oct 7
Replying to @Ameta1
HONEYBOO BOO was nowhere near a 7!! Score must have been for the pro. there was no way her score equaled that of JT& his partner! Just sayin!!
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Naisargi Patel Oct 12
We don't need to pay more for fuel/VAT/Personal Income Tax- We need less corruption! If the could stop stealing our money that would be great at this point. Some of the best first world countries have some of the lowest tax/interest rates.
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Shannon Oct 7
Replying to @DetroitAndrea
Enable for the ?..not for mine, no , having a punt today Andrea?...🤔🏇🏼🙄
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Saxon Middleton Oct 10
I care, I really do... I care about your mind. But only when you use it. :)
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Karel Haverkorn Oct 11
Replying to @thegwpfcom @JoanneNova
He’s probably right. people have more ways available to their preconceptions. That is precisely why is so difficult. Do you really question your ?
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Hard Harri Oct 14
most of us never wanted a are utterly deluded that they serve any purpose at all - we voted the likes of invented the rest to attempt to their
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Harry J. Pilson, II, PPM Oct 8
do try to ?
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Brian L. Oct 6
I was watching a rerun of Anthony Bourdain in Armenia, and they’re so far from how I perceive the women. It’s all about family for them. So, I vented!
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Elish Donnelly Oct 5
Im deeply saddened by your attempt ur vote. A man who stated He hates Democrats love Republicans. 57 minute to explain why you have to be a liar, a woman that doesn't understand. You have created a NEW low. was an institution w/o partisan factions
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Racecontrol Oct 9
WTF I'm telling you mums and dads stop pandering to this BS......104 for a bloody football 😡😡😡
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Ek Aur #Bhakt(#NonVeg #Bhakt ,#Gobhi ji Ka Nahin) Oct 12
Feel free,who is stopping you from drawing,whether you depict , or, ! However if you ,as ,then that's an issue,as you are cheering for / & dealt with in accordance of law.
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tahWooTderapmoC Oct 9
Read Your, "Florence exposes inequalities' column, And Was Glad To Know Someone Else In The World Is Woke. The Problem Is Not The Weather, It Is The Fact That Majority Society Continues To The And Mainly In ALL Areas!
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Gistana Moods 18h
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Graeme Baxter Art Oct 13
The Justify painting step by step from the fist sketch to the final painting in one minute! 🐎🎨 The amazing Triple Crown Winner prints available here
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Fanatics Boutique Oct 12
Check out Justify Women's Sz XL XLarge Black Semi Sheer Button Down Blouse Top via
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