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DementiaTeddyThompson 1h
Replying to @wagon_hunter
to drafting a TE early
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CWS In CA 4h
It’s time to be concerned, the “Boiling of the Frog” theory at work. DSM-5 issues plague political office mental illness justification and normalizing immorality their key focus. Time to !
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Richard 14h
Replying to @rwpickard
Gotta represent. That, or keep teaching the same things.
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Philip Wafula Mar 13
Replying to @quarshie_arvid
Why the last hashtag ? The ?
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Watchdog Mar 17
Replying to @twitmiser
Are you going to watch or become active & to (, & )?
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JT Ciccolo 5h
Is there a better way to waste everyone’s time than to agree to review a paper for a journal and then never complete it?
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Anon Employee Mar 12
“Just so everyone knows, it’s illegal to bring Fentanyl to work. I already have too many problems; I can’t be overdosed on Fentanyl.” (workplace substance policy)
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Rae Wolfe 3h
Killing yourself for approval from ANYONE especially family is toxic for you,them and everyone else. Know your limits
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Piotr Adamowicz Mar 17
Replying to @NASAGoddard @NASAEarth
That's cool, but what would they be in linear, high dynamic range color space? to sRGB.
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IslesCubsFan 22h
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Karen  Wolchanski Mar 16
Lesson learned.... There will not be a next time!!
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Richard Coulter Mar 16
Replying to @BarryChipchase
Happened a few times in Prague that.
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Tommy Mar 13
Replying to @bsgorrie
Zammo’s looking well 😂😂
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Real Change Please 6h
Scumbags like this are the easiest to blackmail. is a Russian plan to split their adversaries, with the support of unregistered foreign agent . don’t be daft punters & play into & ’s dirty hands . Keep the strong.
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Mittens Mar 13
to zoodles
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JR Wirth Mar 15
Replying to @painfulshort @elonmusk
He may have blown out his dopamine receptors somehow.
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Col Gray 3h
Today has been one of those days where my workload became very overwhelming. I’m very lucky to have amazing clients who want me to solve their design problems, but I need to stop saying yes to everything. I need to channel my inner Zammo
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Rick Pennington Mar 11
Replying to @JoseCanseco
“You sure it’s just Steroids?”
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Richard Palmer Mar 15
Replying to @kmeinke
All the people talking about second chances, what about folks with security clearances? They lose their job for a crime like this, and I don't think anyone would bat an eye over it. Some professions should be held to a higher standard.
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jg🖤 3h
I had a good reality check on friends after yesterday. I heard the most bs excuses
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