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Andrew Collier✊ 17h
Or compare with cmcj fusion like the 'equivalent' foot study
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Nadia Javaid 2h
First follower gets a prize.
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GrandmasCookies Dec 9
does mean ?
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Gorilla Chrampmas 2h
Can you do us one in green, red on red won’t read well 🥴
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GamingSK11 Dec 9
Replying to @WWERDream
Rollins, Miz and you😝
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Brey White 14h
I used to never get home from school on time to watch ellen live. So, instead of recording the program, I just dropped out.
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Mr. Grayson 32m
New idea! TAKE HOME MIDTERM! Posting to Schoology now!
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Princess of Nothing Dec 8
Anybody wanna play a light game of Hit’n’Run with me next week - target is 2000 points
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Ms. Satan Claus #TeamDNE Dec 10
If you tell me you dont like sailor moon, i need you gone😂😂 i dont need that negativity in my life
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Natty ✨ Dec 9
Everybody is having or has a baby like I want one too!!!!😭💀💀
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Bethany Harrison Dec 6
Pretending you’re on o2 just so you don’t have to reply
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Frank Woods 11h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
I feel for you. The last bank I robbed, I got away unseen and went months with no evidence turning up of my involvement. This fact should have proved I was innocent... except maybe for all the banks money they eventually found in my possession.
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Chaibiskut Dec 10
By the way , its good to know ,you also believes in saving.🤣🤣 PS: FB
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Theresa Moore Dec 9
Replying to @DCYOUNGFLY
She's out of your league....
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Trevor M.J. Dec 4
Replying to @Joseph_Morong
OMG crush please take me with you LOL
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Rebecca Finicum 7h
Replying to @reba @dustinlynch
But, would it be as good as corn dogs? That would be a yes!
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Rachel G. Dec 9
picked this up for Sophia‘s Hanukkah gift
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Phil Bradbury 44m
We know. Glad you're both... nay, all three of you... are doing well. Enjoy family life. :)
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Alex MJ 9h
Replying to @adah_sharma
I think u r thinking..... Gol Gappe 10 ke 3 Ho Gaye 😂🤣😂🤣
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Caitlin O'Handley Dec 8
I love matinees because I love putting on false eyelashes at 10am.
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