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ⵎⴰⵢ ⴰⵜ ⵛⵍⵓⵛ 15h
Replying to @FortasLamine
so, where the good vibes at?
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Evangelina Jun 8
Replying to @rextyler2 @UKChange
Are you a Londoner, Rex?
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Jessica Corbitt Jun 11
Seen on the car in front of me this morning... 😂
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The Bot Page🇨🇦 Jun 11
I like to put them under pressure!! And you? How do you eat yours?? '
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இராதாகிருஷ்ணன் Jun 12
Replying to @thenewsminute
Arrest the criminal and punish him. If needed kill him but why the hell you are mentioning as dalit guy? Anyway a criminal is a criminal, does it make any difference by mentioning his caste? What role does caste plays here?
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The DJ 8h
Is there a line in Vegas for Anthony Davis’ Achilles injury yet?
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united kingdom? Jun 14
Replying to @henrymance
Has anyone tapped up his first wife, Allegra Mostyn-Owen, for the dope on ‘icing sugar’ hi-jinks up at Oxford?
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Bedrock Jun 13
How ya think derozan feeling????
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Hobbled Chick Jun 14
Is it ok if your infusion center only has 1 person staffing it, for that person to leave while patients are getting infusions to walk across the street and smoke a cigarette?
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Quincy A. Boyd Jun 13
Replying to @taylorswift13
What a point of all of this?🤔
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Chris Buono 4h
What had been the first scene you guys had done, Heather? Had this been a shot-in-order script?
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💞 Kitty Haven 💞 Jun 10
Replying to @HazelandRemy
Notz Hazelnut? Doez datz meanz itz waz az Remynut?? 😹😹
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Jane Darling #NHSLove Jun 10
Are the Tories the reason why all British bank notes have traces of cocaine on them within weeks of being in circulation? '
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JRayM5 Jun 10
Don’t you think you could be on both Monday & Tuesday nights?
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Eric Arthur Blair Jun 11
Have you seen them both in the same room?
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Coalition Man Dec 7
Seriously, is it just me or is all this Left Wing, self obsessed, victimsentric, snowflake, anti White, anti Male, anti West, anti bloody Christian bullshit driving anyone else mental?
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OldSaltCityAce Jun 14
Just like last year: big division lead evaporates in a quagmire of defeatism. ? '
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David Francis Castle Jun 14
Chelsea darling could we have a picture with Ben on the bed??? 😂🤣😂🤣🤣 xxx
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Randy Ingram 14h
Replying to @Julie_JULES2 @c0lettea
Be on the watch: Graham 2.0 may not be as it seems.... Could be a huge letdown after the election.
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💥we wondered why not? Jun 14
After i saw that Mindy had deleted her accusations I was going to DM you But then i saw that you don't follow my account anymore My twitter has like a 3 day lag So my view of your profile may not be current But this is what twitter is showing me Is this current?
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