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DrakAttack 7h
Can’t believe MAGILLA still plays4 WHITE!!
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Crim Radio 2h
Now playing - on Crim Radio
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- Priest - Breaking the Law
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Martin Gunn 12h
Replying to @leeming_andrew
Just what we needed after the disappointment of Parris moving on
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Sanket May 22
There isn’t another footballer that I despise more than him.
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Matt May 15
Replying to @IAMDANAZ
Anyone but Kawhi I'm fine with
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Ollie May 22
Has Theresa May gone yet???
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☢ Alec Station ☢ May 21
Cancer is too good for . Fucking .
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Jerry Pendragon Cao May 15
Only 1 Lindsey Graham BUT he is very well PROTECTED, he PRIDES himself ON not knowing who is who, its his safety NET... but he is scared because HE is the PHYSICAL VESSEL to the Government
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Liam James May 17
Replying to @DNLPlantEquip
The Leek Sol Campbell
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Dillon May 19
Always did wonder why done the World Cup with ITV rather than BBC
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A L 20h
So make up your mind for me Walk the line for me If you want my love
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Don Kester... 23h
had a thought. Before Judas committed suicide; he felt useless, alone, aloof and isolated. He thought there was nothing to live for anymore and then took a decision rather than allowing the thought to slide...
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Kaz May 21
Priest - Lochness. Love ths track. via
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BBC Radio1 Music Bot May 19
Now Playing Judas - Disgrace II
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Royal Carter May 20
Let me NOT be a hating ass bitch lol. I hope you get everything you deserve in life 🥰
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𝓐𝓰𝓪𝓽𝓱𝓮🥀 May 21
I’ve learned love is like a brick, you can build a house or sink a dead body 🥀
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GreeniRFC 15h
Replying to @Burkeman710
That you making, sure you can still get a hospitality job at ibrox when you hang up your boots.
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TheUndeadSkunk May 17
Replying to @craigowhu87 @grahamwhu
WTF is that? 😂 Where’s the sweaty bread with a handprint in it?🤨😂
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Dr Lilliana Corredor 4h
Oi, NY Times . was a journalist when you made $$$ on his LEAKS. Now he no longer is a journalist? According to , , & other REAL journalists what Assange & WikiLeaks do is TRUTH!
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