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Patrick Henningsen Aug 24
Can't say we didn't see this coming. What a lark is, now refusing to participate in 's upcoming elections...
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Random 🥝 | #Tulsi2020🤙 | #FreeAssange⏳ 7h
DejaVu. & the US say is illegitimate but refuse to participate in elections - so that they can claim the government is illegitimate... Circular logic designed for idiots & propagandists.
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Venezuelan Opposition Leader Would Boycott Early Legislative Elections Says votes would be a 'farce' with Maduro still in power
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Eli Dror Aug 24
opposition leader vows to shun early
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Support the 1st Amendment: support Julian Assange! Aug 24
LOL! When you shout to the whole world you are the champ, you better be prepared to defend the title. is a , but most of us already knew that.
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Eli Dror Aug 23
Venezuelan opposition leader casts doubts on claims of talks with | CBC News
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Eli Dror Aug 17
Why official believes regime change in is non-negotiable
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L N Junior Aug 21
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
You have to find quickly a Danish who will sell you Grönland for cheap.
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Red Shane Aug 16
I admit I've had a crush on for years. But for the last 8 months she has run the US line on so my loyalties are turning. IS NOT the opposition 'leader'. is NOT burning. Please, Gerry, get someone on who is not a US mouthpiece.
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Eli Dror Aug 18
"Thank you for always accompanying me, for taking me to Parliament and showing that it can be done. We have been together on this road for many years and we will get together. Let's win this fight for !"
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Maduro: Venezuela Has Been in Contact With US for Months Guaido: Comment proves disorganized government lies
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EMOGI Aug 22
The US is holding talks with officials from President Nicolas Maduro's admin to prepare for democratic elections in the troubled economy, as per the WSJ. Venezuelan opp leader should know offers a solution with a secure, fast P2P for payment
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Rice University News Aug 16
“If there is that transition of power (to ) and if is not lost to creditors, there is an important chance of recovery,” , a fellow in Latin American energy policy at the , said.
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Garrison Martin 20h
Is Sayed Mohammad Hosseini the “” of the next US/DOS/CIA-driven cartoon coup attempt ()? Or can a coalition be formed? Leaked Memo: Iran Ministry of Information Says Infowars Broke Silence On Populist Movement ‘Restart’
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Enderson Alvarez Aug 23
no hace lo que uno espera 🙄
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elcuratelodice Aug 21
Adelante Hijo. Bendito sea.
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Tomasalo 18h
Replying to @abc_es
Que ya es presidente d su casa ? Xq d va a ser q no
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Jacqueline Rojas 19h
Replying to @jguaido @YouTube
🙏 🇻🇪 📿 Misterios Gloriosos (Miércoles y Domingo) 🙏 vía - Oración del 2019-08-25 👼 vía 🇻🇦
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