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Tshepo Kgadima Nov 18
If meritocracy was a prerequisite for appointing , how on earth or in hell did find is suitably qualified, evidently having run to the ground with its turnover 1/10 that of ??? Ours is indeed a doomed 😢😭😡🤬!!!
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Sean " Mr G" Goss 10 Nov 18
It seems like the authorities are afraid of , who not only facilitated corruption for his bosses, like , but his daughter too. Gordhan's daughter's company is making a killing (millions) from National Treasury, PetroSA, Mintek.
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dineo motloung 22 Nov 18
you are really ungovernable
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Llu Tladi 27 Nov 18
Replying to @ewnupdates
Is like saying he does not look like
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Godfrey Albertyn 🇿🇦 11 Dec 18
Replying to @Enghumbhini @Sentletse
He needs an Uncle in the furniture business 😂😂😂
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Llu Tladi Jul 6
Replying to @TheCitizen_News
Absolutely and everyone who defend for appointing his friend is the enemy of all unemployed graduates
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Kobe • Mmirwa • MoruaNare•🐃• 8 Nov 18
She is obsessed with PG, ,...
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Asaph Mogofe Dec 9
Replying to @eNCA @ThembiMrototo
Your uncle and his dummy president (your revered Messiah) brought you these melancolies😂😂😂😂😂😂
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† LeBitla † ™ 26 Apr 13
Hahahahaha classic hahahha best hair cut what a fan
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Llu Tladi Jun 3
Replying to @eNCA
She did explained that she doesn't have capacity to own media just like
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Replying to @Russells_ZA
I love this Ad! Weldone! Furniture Business!
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Fafie Joy 17 May 14
is a black version of . Hhahahahahaha has js made my day on
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Joshua Doore 9 Mar 15
Design your own kitchen! We will measure up your kitchen and quote you a price immediately &Russells
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Tshepo Kgadima Jan 10
Had implemented this free advice I gave him on 21 Jan 2018 when he was imposed by , the & imminent would have totally been averted! must now fire both as & the entire !!!
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Sumthing Charming 22 Dec 17
Retailer in RSA are the worst. and many others are paying workers peanuts on a daily
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King Hibaru Jan 13
He must go and go now, we dont want
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Bethuel Mangena 9 Nov 18
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Tshepo Kgadima Oct 30
It’s astonishing purports to lament interference by yet she has happily stayed on ‘Bored’ (aka Board), notwithstanding the fiduciary responsibility & duty together with the risk she carries for not dutifully resisting such unlawful interference
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🔥Mohlaoli🔥 27 Aug 15
If she cant sing about the fact that she's got an uncle in the furniture business, she too young for yu. 😆
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Paballo 13 Jul 14
:"D ": One could mistaken coach for uncle ."
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