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Till Nikolaus von Heiseler 20m
Hey, Jordan, where is the philosophical debate on free will? What about compatibilism? 13. Rule: Always make the argument of your opponent strong!
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Trish is furious Nov 8
why a right wing pseudo scientist like the awful and nonsense unrobust science is his history
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Till Nikolaus von Heiseler 3m
The 13. Rule for live: Always make the argument of your opponent as strong as possible! And test it first for consistently!
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Dagney Nov 7
For those who saw the talk at Cambridge
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Dug 😀 Nov 8
Jordan Peterson said there is hate but who is going to define it. So he knows its there but complains it’s hard to define. I’m confused.
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G. Baxter Nov 11
"Everything bad, except fundamentalist traditionalism" – Jordan Peterson the nutcase in a nutshell.
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Jouni Kätteine 2h
Has anyone read the 's latest book "Men are from Mars Women are from Arse"?
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matic 3h
Hey look what we made 😁 we have an extra one, today in slovenia its yours
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navastronia Nov 9
Replying to @JRehling
, except that apparently he's a climate change skeptic :'(
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Dr. Katja Thieme 10h
Replying to @baileys
"My female students really felt the sting of my comment--which I fully intended to be stinging--they've formally told me how much it hurt. THEY ARE COMING FOR ME JUST LIKE PROPHESIED! There's no sign I'll be fired, but lets blame students for absent firing signs!"
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Bolshevik Penpal 13h
What fuels the fear of trans people? A conflation of gender & sexuality (maybe) or is it that a worldview that sees gender as fluid also sees possibilities beyond the fixed certainties of populist nostalgia? Something powerful fuels this hate. What is it?
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Neeta 14h
You are... neither your own master, nor your own slave. You cannot easily tell yourself what to do and compel your own obedience...
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Alfalfa Nov 13
Safe spaces have coddled intellectual discourse in the West. Fortunately there are sites like Quillette that still foster bold ideas that challenge liberal orthodoxy.
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AnonymousJester 5h
you fucking idiot!!! is what?? An ATHEIST!!?? He's a what?? A Leftist??? WTF!!? No he's NOT you fat fucking fraud!!! HE SAID SO!!!! *FACEPALM* EPIC FAIL!
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فط المهنا. 22h
Replying to @LaTuto_
“So perhaps your a moderately bad guy. And that is a long way from being a absolutely horrible guy. But it’s also a long ways from being a good guy.”
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Diarmuid Pepper Nov 8
Jordan Peterson just said it was a “big mistake” for Scotland to fine someone for repeatedly saying “gas the Jews” in video he posted online. Why do some people worship this guy?
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Jim Langcuster 16m
Just purchased this book earlier in the week.
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Miranda Culp 18h
Dear Ms. Bowles: thank you for your thoughtful piece on . It's as though he's watching an all-male Senate during a vote on reproductive rights saying, "no, there's no oppression there, it's just competent men making decisions."
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h Nov 16
The solution to the problem of tragedy & malevolence is the willingness to face them -
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David Tabachnick Nov 16
Some of 's followers are tired of him sparring with . Of what I have listened, the "conversations" were bordering on incoherent.
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