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VeganLove1111 Mar 16
Replying to @johnlegend
If you really wanna fight this then stop having dinner parties with the person who caused it!
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Joaquim Boal Mar 18
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Omniscient † Observer™ Mar 20
's chief of staff during 's 2016 presidential campaign, has been appointed Head of Communications 4 Duke & Duchess of Sussex, & in reporting 2 Queen's comms secretary.
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✨ Kate Kopasz ✨ Mar 20
This is great - I didn't know that! But will he read 's & 's e-mails into the record too? Or soon to be declassed FISA docs & OIG reports? There's SO MUCH TRUTH to be read!!! What say u, ? Can't support Bernie this time bc he helps the D's cover up.
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em Mar 15
2020 New Zealand a 'juicy target' for major Says ->-
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July Weaver⭐️⭐️⭐️ Mar 18
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
in 4 days before shooting calls it a "Big, Juicy Target", hmmmmm.
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Rhonda Nelson 9h
‘s email hack story is phishy!
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Was the fake??? Where are the bodies of ? Did the people see their loved ones before burial?? Conspiracy theory people say NZ was a fake attack to go after guns.. was there a few weeks ago.
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Brian G. Powell,M.S. 17h
I don't know that has molested or tortured anyone: , shortly before his death {or murder possibly} claimed that JP did just that Not my claim John Podesta is son of --that's in the article I posted But there does seem to be lots of evidence
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DavisNeves Mar 15
Replying to @johnpodesta
Comments are 🔥🔥🔥
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🇺🇸Tiffany's Epiphany🇺🇸 Mar 17
Replying to @IPOT1776 @Utsava4
Its a set up, FF, he's supported by the Cabal. Just ask .
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NaniOfTwo #The200 Mar 17
Replying to @SuicideSeattle
WTH did parents do to their sons: Jr + ?
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and CIA Agent David Anthony Ruck "I Orchestrated the By order of the highest in command at the time."
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Mel 'truth be told' Banwort Mar 17
Replying to @NewshubNZ
bud of (hands cropped for a reason)
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❌ GodivaRides ❌ Mar 17
Replying to @Jordan_Sather_
So KNEW of a & DID NOT it to , or did he only warn of it, after it occured?
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Mark Mar 16
Obama and visited the end of world, New Zealand in march 2018. Well a year later the place is worldwide news. Oh... and the most evil men of this planet, finalized the latest details of the plan in the past days.He was spotted in
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StopLyingFakeNews Mar 17
Replying to @GKeile
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chetbtester Mar 20
Replying to @exjon
Wow, can't ya just see it now. Bridesmaids: Groomsmen: [Y'all needn't worry 'bout this - just some madman raving! 🤪😜😂]
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*Insert Name Here* Mar 13
Replying to @washingtonpost
There is freedom of speech in this country. If you don't like what he is saying, turn the channel. On the other hand, when you hire someone accused of being part of a "elite" pedophile ring, people should be voicing their opinion to YOUR sponsors.
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デリ- ♡ 11h
If I die, its because of Or JS.....
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