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SASunshine Jan 12
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Don Antonacchio ☮️ Jan 16
Replying to @DailyCaller
I thought she was not ‘s daughter.
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Ann Majkrzak 23h
disappointed me so much! He cannot compare to 10% is a disgrace! Only if could see kissing up to ! To late Lindsey u help creAte a
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titanic2020 18h
Replying to @MeghanMcCain
Why do you always stay silent on ? His behavior and policy changes make no sense to those of us who have followed him for years. You probably know him better than almost anyone because he and we’re inseparable. Can you explain???
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TheKing804 Jan 14
Dear ... You should be proud... I love you .. you stick in there an Give it to them.. needs you right an Your Father Would be very proud..
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Jan Marshall 16h
Well YES Lindsey! Are you prepared to come back to decency and honor and NOT be individual ones’ lap puppy? We used to respect you but recently... Perhaps The Honorable can wipe his tears.
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Mac Sa Jan 11
Replying to @CountryStar72
Don't pull a . He was like an athlete who played too long.
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miznitch 🏳️‍🌈 Jan 15
How do you think your friend would feel about your current views. He’s judging you from heaven and I’m judging you from Lexington County.
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Darwin M Brown 21h
is what I believe Mitch has! He loses track of thoughts too much! needs to check rules for unfit to hold office! But Mitch is trying to stay in office like .
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Heath Dunbar Jan 16
Replying to @dansukman
Of course. agrees.
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Robert Bona Jan 15
- The last speech by reminded Senators they were equals to , not servants. Each Senator represents the state, NOT anyone or anything else. Respect and honor his memory do the right thing, end the shutdown then deal with the wall.
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mimi rutherford 24h
Replying to @SafetyPinDaily
I don't know but, I am sure he's BFF, is looking down with a frown
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Replying to @CNNPolitics
Lindsey is definitely not the Maverick why does he even try 🤷🏾‍♂️
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Léche-Vitrine Cat Ⓥ 2h
Replying to @MisterTrueB
's encounters with and his campaign manager, . The most colourful scene from their dispatch takes place in August 2006, when McCain celebrated his 70th birthday on a luxury yacht moored in . 🥳🥳
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SteveBrant 13h
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SherryLynn Jan 13
is turning in his grave
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Chris Jones Jan 12
Only if 's spirit has jumped into body. . More like 's behavior & words means there are pics of him engaging in a Freaky something else
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dime bag 9h
and gave it to the do you really think is going to investigate ?
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jamie Jan 15
has an agenda of his own with this line of questioning. holy moly is rolling in his grave. , is this the best you've got?
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Richard CoeurdeLion 21h
Media should stop trying to elevate teeny(of mind & stature). His strength came from being 's sidekick. Now, he's just another of Imbecile 's enabling sycophants trying to find purchase on any idea of which he has none.
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