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Les (Vincent the Vulture) Perry 1h
Is she pulling a stunt? Getting paid taxpayer money for a year while laying in a hospital bed dying or in a coma? Is she already deceased? Is her brain in a jar and still functioning?
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Trump Activated 4h
Get a load of this backstory. was in on the dirty deeds with Hillary like the POS traitor that he always was
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(Smelling Petrol) 14m
Replying to @airbagmoments
Yes, yes, but she's also the daughter of John McCain and John McCain is her dad.
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Johnny Dommino 15h
wasn't the best of human beings, just talk to a Vietnam war survivor. This is a shocker and a disappointment!
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CNN Sucks May 19
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Relly May 19
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Abel May 19
Replying to @mdubowitz
Keep dreaming till you die just like your boss
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HowardPaulAnderson May 16
Jesus, ANOTHER tribute. Put his mug on Rushmore and let's move on.
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treborKLOW 6h
Replying to @dcexaminer @MittRomney
Romney is worse than the old least was a war hero.
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atomicfigures May 13
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
John (HERO) McCain For ALL AMERICAN heroes that have served
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Sujata Biswas May 18
Replying to @thehill
I see no difference between and Gudrun Burwitz ( Himmler's daughter). Which means I see no difference between notorious warmongers and Hitler.
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#WeKnow May 20
Replying to @MeghanMcCain
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Ed May 19
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Geo Steve May 18
After 's death I did not think there was a single American left in the Republican Party. Now I know there is at least 1... Rep: 'President Trump Has Engaged in Impeachable Conduct'
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Rosemary Pugliese May 15
I wish - he’s dumped his soul, his conscience, and any integrity. would be ashamed of him
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Always Me May 14
Trump has disrespected gold star families, insulted and dodged the draft. How the HELL is our military "respected?"
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Renegade Cowboy🐾🐾 🌊⚓️🌊🐾🐾 May 20
Replying to @washingtonpost
Imo a 5 time draft dodger doesn’t know how to respect the military. Trump compared he sex life to Vietnam, he disrespected every POW ever with the comment and he wanted Vets kicked off 5th ave calling it deplorable
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judy morris May 20
The new McCain: carves out role as maverick who takes on Trump Evil has been reincarnated as the evil Mitt Romney. Mittens is obsessed with destroying Trump's presidency. McCain was no maverick and neither is Romney as both...
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Manny Funes May 18
You are willing to sacrifice hundreds of lives just get Trump reelected There is no honor in that. would be disgusted by your cowardly behavior No... I do NOT stand with Trump
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💗Occupy💗 May 17
. He hid behind - Like , who is a spiteful racist, invokes her father's name when she goes too far. A fake little tear here & There helped make $$ of her fathers reputation. @ least does not pretend 2 remember John.
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