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Stephen McConnell 12h
BEAUTIFUL kosher bordeaux blend feom and you need to find it: via
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Muhammad Shahed Hasan 15h
Killing and worshipping do not go alongside.
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🇹🇷 Umut Acar 56m
Replying to @ForeignPolicy
Prof. Bernard Lewis : “The massacre of the Armenians in the Empire was the same as what happened to the in Germany; that is a downright falsehood. What happened to the was the result of a massive armed rebellion against the .”
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C Apr 22
Replying to @MartianTutu @BBCWorld
This is in a town of a country that succeeded as much of more than Germany in ghetto-izing and killing in en mass, millions. What is your point? This is not normal.
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Rw Willy 14h
Replying to @jihadwatchRS
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MEMRI Apr 21
: Researcher Muhanna Hamad Al-Muhanna: ' Kidnapping Of Children To Use Their Blood For Holiday Pastries Is Well Known – And Immortalized In Literature; Our War With Jews, Christians Will Continue Until Judgment Day
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Zion Malka Apr 23
I guess you haven’t heard about Muhammad’s unholy war against the of Banu-Qurayza
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Ken Heyman 4h
Roth has made a life for him self hating . its horrific but its just fact. this is how he gets paid and worse than that he thinks he is a paragon of virtue. in reality just another low rent common who was born into the tribe. good riddance, i say.
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Ashager Araro Apr 17
When you call yourself a proud -Zionist what you actually saying is, you want to live in a world where will always be a minority no matter where they will go, that Jews don't deserve self-determine, they don't deserve to have a state.
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12Tribes 8m
TRUE IMAGE Prophet Job Prophet Job is one of the best-known prophets, he also has one of the most perplexing stories of the Bible.
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Dan Mathews 3h
If you look at the replies section to this tweet, you'll see he's pinned several tweets together He lists 143 groups that are all publicly trying, and in many cases succeeding To kill all , and non-believers In every country they can reach!
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WoMen Fight AntiSemitism Apr 22
Replying to @TheReelofNews
WATCH: As Jews celebrate Passover, antisemitic residents of the town of Pruchnik in southern Poland beat and burned a doll made to represent a Jew with stereotypical features.
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Mx.Enigma 🏳️‍🌈 9h
💃& a “bi-curious” guy 👀 my pin & said “I taken weed & it made me .” Knowing marijuana= horny, I said: “You needed weed 2 find out you’re Super Gay 😆” He isn’t as dumb & bigoted as blaming 4 pesticides in 💦 which is turning 🐸s Gay!
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Sandra Padjan Apr 22
Replying to @sandrapadjan
was white with a RUDDY complexion (1 Samuel 17:42). The Tribe of , the REAL are WHITE. 🦁👑 The truth has been revealed. They hate us and slander us because they want to be us. Your time is nearly UP frauds! ⌛️
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Avi Kaner Apr 21
Replying to @HSajwanization
And killing of in synagogues at Saturday prayers.
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Chad Warren - The Adventurer Channel 55m
People who support and the should be jailed for humanity. Look at this open call to harm by who honor the .
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Abdirahman M. Dirye 41m
, Strange Bedfellow or Comrade-in-War?
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Adam Milstein Apr 17
Must watch! glorifying terrorist attacks against civilians but nevertheless receiving President Service Award recognizing distinguished achievements of on Campus students' commitment to harassing and calling for eradication of
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David Freeman 8h
Some of the vile comments to on here, (I'm Anglican).Dear God. I couldnt take all the constant venom aimed at the Jews, pathological, sickness/hatred sent to Jewish people. Golda: 'When they love their children more than they hate the Jews.
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treborKLOW Apr 21
Replying to @TimesofIsrael
Still waiting for France &rest of Europe to demand an end to immoral payments by Abbas to families of terrorists for killing
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