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AiPT! Comics Oct 17
Jessica Jones #1 coming this January from Kelly Thompson and Mattia De Iulis
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Cat Purcell 6m
Replying to @thatcatpurcell
and my holy trinity if relatable fuck ups.
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WilliamsforCoroner Oct 17
Great Meeting New Supporters... Every Supporter is important to Robbie and he cherishes them all! Thank You
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#SaveTheOA Oct 11
Replying to @netflix
Give me a break. Netflix systematically cancels anything with strong, positive 🏳️‍🌈 representation. 
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Renescence 5h
When your Funko figure tries to drown itself in the complete first season of its own tv show... and also when another figure wants some lights on its own, that’s what you get !
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Demi Konti 17h
Day 18: Misfit 📸 - - "They say everyone's born a hero. But if you let it, life will push you over the line until you're the villain. Problem is, you don't always know that you've crossed that line." - -
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Beyond The Panel Oct 17
Jessica Jones “Blind Spot” Story Arc Coming in January
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Yalcin Bozz Oct 10
I've just watched episode S03E12 of Marvel's Jessica...!
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Rob Oct 16
Trish is an arsehole
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Pau Oct 16
If Feige is in charge now with the TV series too I just have 2 request: Bring back Krysten, Charlie, Jon and Vincent as also the same cast from
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Jan Jacobs 24h
Replying to @wmag @Krystenritter
Love love this woman. Please continue
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LadiSani Oct 11
Need some in my life so watching
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Ms Cori 2h
Ewe. Creepy David face licker
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Christopher Osman Oct 17
If I had to look at all the Marvel series I would point to as being the best. It’s complete and its three seasons are perfect. It’s an example that good shows can have a trilogy of seasons/series.
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Kameron Price Oct 15
Replying to @balleralert
It's has and always will be
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Robee Shepherd 🌈 Oct 13
Just finished Season 3, I'm going to miss these Marvel series. 😢
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LetsQuoteXmen Oct 17
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We Have a Hulk Oct 17
Marvel announces acclaimed mini series Blind Spot is coming to print in January
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Did you miss out on the , , and prop auction earlier this year? The props from will head to auction in December:
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David Tennant’s Kilgrave Costume To Go Up For Sale In Jessica Jones Props Auction
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