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Danny Dorito Oct 21
It’s rude to interrupt people let the man have the floor
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They call me Maggie🌼 11h
Replying to @mizkiti4
Me too, what a he is!
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Willeminx 16h
Driving in heavy down a road with a brand new dedicated, raised bike lane and instead a rider comes down the middle of the two lanes of traffic
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madmilker Oct 22
Show this thread to the 😂
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Gudumba Shankar Oct 22
some times😂😂
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Alain41 4h
This is juvenile idiocy. Says that the U.S. is in charge of the world & judge & policeman. Nations do malevolent behavior contrary to U.S. interests All The Time! Does Mitt want Sanctions against everyone? Start War? Introduce legislation Mitt! Get votes!
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Natalia. 5h
My dad will purposely yell “where’s momma” when I go to the bathroom so the kids come knocking at the door 😩
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jen Oct 21
Please get rid of Len.
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Give it to ya hard Oct 21
The way this clown talks to people on the air is so condescending. He talks all this crap about uplifting and then goes to do shit like this.
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Carl Knecht - Preparing for #MSIgnite Oct 22
Sometimes, I really like my co-workers. Then one of them goes and references this.
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💧 Laurence Farquaad 5h
Replying to @SeanBradbery
But he's quite prepared to allow the kids to die from preventable diseases
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jbedford 11h
Replying to @RepMattGaetz
Yeah that's what they're doing. Has nothing to do with Constitutionally protected and authorized hearings. You on the other hand are acting like a 3-year old. BTW do "one-term Congressman" and "felon" offset each other?
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Teri Shannon 6h
Replying to @thekapman
Get over again. It’s business and that ass.... Boras is leading the way. With the season had, he is not doing himself any favors.
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coffeecat Oct 22
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P MadZ 8h
Replying to @ananavarro
It was never easy for him. He was born a poor black child. He remembers the days, sittin' on the porch with his family, singin' and dancin' down in Mississippi…
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Deanett Upchurch Oct 21
Replying to @DonaldJTrumpJr
A just like dad. Boo, he doesn’t love you. Stop trying to win his love by being a like him
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Kristine S Oct 20
you are the most arrogant ass!
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Kristina M. Sanchez 1h
The heck is this? Since when are you interested in sweets?
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Scotty McCreery 5h
First night in Berlin and I meet this after the show! worldwide🙌🏼🙌🏼
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roy sankar 16h
Cannot stand scott hazelton, hes arrogant,obnoxious and thinks he better then other people, seen him at pimlico for the preakness weekend and said hi to him and he turned his back on me and pretented to talk on his phone .. that day i knew what type of person he is
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